A Walk Through The Ready, Steady, Chuck! Challenge

The images on this page, taken during the 2006 Challenge, illustrate a typical year's Ready, Steady, Chuck! competition. Chef Bruce guides the reader through the highs and lows of success and tragedy that are inevitable at such a top-class event.

Random number generation

And the finals begin with randomised aisles and sections for food selection.

The chefs discover they don't have a printer

With no printer we turn to writing out the random numbers on paper. Salt is on standby to get rid of the taste of things to come.

The intrepid chefs pose outside Morrisons

Chefs Kath, Andrew, Al and Bruce stand poised at the entrance to Morrisons ready to start shopping!

Oh my God, what am I going to do with this lot?

Chef Andrew is either confident, happy or crying with despair. But how can he fail with such fine ingredients?

Oh no, not again

Chef Al smiles through a grimace. Pot noodle is a challenging ingredient, and though Munch Bunch is both popular and versatile, it isn't the most obvious combination to work with.

Say cheese - think Tizer

Kath makes a pleasant and surprise appearance as chef rather than long-suffering judge, displaying a smile of pure confidence. Have her years of judging the Challenge given her the perfect training?

Oh crap

My expression is, of course, designed to lure my opponents into a false sense of security. There are plenty of things that can be done with this lot. The obvious shandy drink plus sausage, spaghetti and couscous side is just too simple, though. Something far more daring is required to secure the title.

The drugs are starting to kick in

Kath seems to be enjoying herself!

...and here's one I prepared earlier...

Kath's creation - The Tizer Soak - is a frighteningly good looking meal. And reluctantly I must concede that it tastes as good as it looks. It's a clear winner and we haven't even seen the others yet!

The name might be the only think not perfect about this dish

It's true - even the Tizer works in this meal.

The point at which it all started to go wrong

Not sure where this was going, but the easy path would have been, well, too easy. It's time to create a true masterpiece.

Can anyone smell... something strange?

Just adding the final touches. Unfortunately, the smell is truly awful!

Please open the windows...

Honestly, it smells far worse than it looks. But I'm already 15 minutes through so there's no turning back now.

There! Doesn't look too bad...

The finished product, which after a few minor clarifications ended up as Italo-Irish Shandy Floater Stew. And my attempts to prevent anyone from tasting my dish may have succeeded. The name really does say it all. Surely this is a contender for the Most Revolting category of the Ready, Steady, Chuck! Challenge?

Serve in finest white porcelain

Cutting out the middle man!

Unchangeable by passage through the human digestive tract

Has it been eaten?

Gratuitous stew shot

Sorry about that. Gratuitous. Great bit of modern art though.

...just one more shot of whisky...

Chef Andrew puts his heart and soul into his creation. (Not literally, though. Human internal organs would probably be non-permitted ingredients, however much they might improve the taste).

There's nothing quite like chocolate and pot noodle canapes

Chef Al works at the same time, at the opposite end of the kitchen. It's a cook-off! The pot noodle base begins to soften into golden strands, ready for combining with the Munch Bunch.

Yum. Not

Chef Al's dish, Crispy Choco-Noodle Supreme, has great presentation, and shows creative and imaginative use of all the ingredients. It's totally inedible.

Bet you can't guess what the surprise is...

Chef Andrew's creation, Bangor Nipple Tipple Surprise, has the best name and gets bonus points for his having time to write out the recipe in full. It doesn't taste awful, but it is certainly pretty bad.