Gaffer Tape

Use gaffer tape for all sorts of things in the kitchen

Gaffer tape is essential for resealing cook-in bags duringthe preparation of Me Mini Fish Cubes


Gaffer tape, so called because of its traditional use in preventing old blokes from falling off their chairs when drunk, is closely related to other forms of sticking tape, examples of which include sticky tape itself (used for generally sticking things with - and of which Sellotape, as befits its name, is the best-selling), duct tape (for taping ducts), masking tape (for making masks), insulating tape (to firmly fit heavy clothing in cold weather), and duck tape (for attaching ducks to other objects).

Not generally appreciated fo its uses as a kitchen utensil, gaffer tape in fact has a wide range of applications in the kitchen as well as throughout the rest of the modern household. Its ability to maintain a strong seal when subjected to extremes of temperature make it equally useful for cooking and freezing, important in many specialist recipes. This, combined with the strength of the tape and non-toxic properties of its adhesive, make it a practical solution to many kitchen activities, from making ice lollies to frying eggs. It can be used to shape frozen or cooked ingredients, or selectively cook or freeze parts of them, creating new opportunities for creative and adventurous chefs alike.

Gaffer tape should, however, not be considered to be a practical substitute for other utensils, with the exception of its very limited application as a spoon. Gaffer tape is much better applied as a unique addition to the creative chef's kitchen utensil arsenal, opening opportuntiies for innovative cheffery that leads to the creation of wonderful and often unexpected culinary discoveries.

Turn boring fruit inton interesting new combinations with a simple application of gaffer tape
Use this utensil to make Me Mini Fish Cubes



  • use gaffer tape to stick things with, in a way that no other kitchen utensil can achieve;
  • expect gaffer tape to work equally well in very cold and very hot culinary applications.


  • be surprised when use of gaffer tape provides your dishes with new and unexpected results;
  • use gaffer tape as a substitute for any other kitchen utensil, except (in certain circumstances only) a spoon, but in that case, not if the plan is to drink soup with it;
  • include gaffer tape as a substitute or alongside knives, forks or spoons in place settings.

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