Egg Slicer

Egg slicer

The egg slicer is a convenient way of getting even slices of egg as well as other ingredients


An unusual device, combining features of a knife, a waffle maker, a soap bowl, and a klyteharpa, the egg slicer is a rarity in the modern kitchen owing to the relatively few of today's recipes that require sliced hard boiled eggs, and the growth in knowledge that sliced hard boiled eggs don't actually make salads taste any nicer anyway. In the 1950's, though, the egg slicer was an essential utensil in every kitchen, crucial not only for slicing eggs, but also many other ingredients, which were added to salads, moulds and various desserts with little consideration of their merits other than the added colour. In 1956, orange jelly with cauliflower and egg slices, for example, became the most popular dessert in Britain after Prime Minister Anthony Eden declared it to be tastier, as well as more colourful, than his predecessor Winston Churchill's favourite, tripe and radish blancmange.

In the search to uncover the secrets of what makes great cookery, some of Britain's top chefs are re-examining the techniques and utensils of the past and reviving their use. Because of this, the egg slicer is now being brought back to kitchens of top restaurants around the country as retro-food fashions are fused with post-1950s ingredients and flavours. Eggs julienne is already proving a popular starter and accompaniment to many dishes, and pseudopasta made with courgette or cucumber steals the spotlight every time it appears on a top restaurant menu.

The egg slicer, then, is enjoying something of a comeback and we can only expect this to increase as people gradually become aware of its capabilities. Slicing things thinly, of course, is what it does best, but it can also serve very well as a salad drainer, decorative fruit stand, vegetable scorer, a cooling rack for individual cakes, or a musical instrument that chefs can play beautiful music with as they while away the time it takes for pots to boil.

The egg slicer is one of the most reliable ways of making julienne bananas
Use this utensil to make Odin's Longship, as an alternative to a Bowie knife or a hand blender to finely slice the eggs and jelly prior to maceration.



  • use the egg slicer to make perfectly even slices of hard-boiled egg;
  • ensure you remove the egg shell before you slice the egg;
  • use the egg slicer to thinly slice many other ingredients, including vegetables and fruit, tofu, semi-soft cheeses and jelly;
  • use the egg slicer to cut perfect julienne slices;
  • use the egg slicer as a small cake rack, drainer, device for scoring lines on vegetables, a decorative stand for individual pieces of fruit, or a musical instrument;
  • use the egg slicer to make pseudopasta.


  • use the egg slicer to slice eggs that have been prepared by methods other than hard boiling, especially raw ones, as this is unlikely to result in even slices;
  • use the egg slicer as a substitute for a knife.

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