Chunkie Glass

Chunkie glasses are chunky glasses

Better than a pint glass, a jug or a plastic bucket, the chunkie glass combines the essential features of all three in its design ensuring chunkies look as good as they can


The chunkie glass is a creation of researchers at Ready, Steady, Chuck! Headquarters in the search for the perfect item in which to serve, and possibly also prepare, your chunkie - Ready, Steady, Chuck!'s favourite health food drink.

As befits the nature of the chunkie itself, the chunkie glass is a vessel that conveys no pretence. Combining key features of a pint glass, vase, jug and old plastic bucket, the chunkie glass is as large, chunky and unpretentious as are its contents.

To make your chunkies easier to pour, we've designed the chunkie glass to have a spout like a jug. This means, when you're drinking from it, any particularly large chunks that happen to be in your drink - such as prawns, carrot slices or lumps of liquorice - can be much more accurately directed into your mouth, and unnecessary and wasteful spillage onto the floor or your friends can be minimised. We've found this to be particularly handy with the most chunky of chunkies, such as the saldtziki, where swallowing large chunks of minted lemon peel can be particularly challenging at the best of times.

The chunkie glass has been designed to be wide enough to insert and operate a hand blender or a whisk inside. While chunkies don't require a huge amount of blending, and a hand blender or whisk may not be up to the task for sopme recipes, this does at least mean that you can also use the chunkie glass to prepare gravy, salad dressing, pancake batter, porridge or semolina-based milk shakes and other similar beverages. It's also conveniently sized to use with a hawthorn strainer should you wish to extract the most chunky bits, either to make your drink less chunky, or to save the chunky bits for eating later.

With the chunkie glass, drinking a chunkie seems as natural as a pint of beer at the pub (and a packet of crisps at the same time)
Use this utensil to make Any of the Ready, Steady, Chuck! chunkie recipes!



  • use the chunkie glass for serving chunkies in;
  • use the chunkie glass for making some of the less chunky chunkies;
  • use the chunkie glass for preparing other beverages, such as gravy or porridge-based milk shakes;
  • use the spout on the chunkie glass to direct challenging drinks accurately intop your mouth.


  • serve posh drinks in the chunkie glass;
  • serve drinks that aren't chunky or at least slutty in the chunkie glass;
  • insert kitchen utensils that are larger than the chunkie glass into the chunkie glass. This especially applies if the kitchen utensil concerned is a toaster.

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