Pizza Wheel

Use the pizza wheel to do wheelies on pizzas (OK not really)

That's not a knife... The pizza wheel is a handy alternative to using a knife in situations when sawing action is not required


This utensil is a sharpened wheel-shaped blade on a stick, like a unicycle built for an evil hamster. Unsurprisingly, it's used to cut things with - but only in situations where sawing isn't appropriate, and no margin for error is permitted. It's particularly associated with pizza becuase it minimises the propensity for cheesedrag to occur. Using a conventional knife - or, worse still, a bread knife - on pizza runs the risk of sawing, and this is likely to cause the more sticky cheesy topping to adhere to the blade and move with it. In worst-case situations this can lead to complete shearing of the topping from the base, causing disappointment to the whole family. Using a pizza wheel significantly minimises this risk: the pizza wheel can only cut by downward pressure - it can't saw - so cheesedrag simply can't occur.

The word wheel in the name of this utensil should be treated with certain caution, as it can be misleading. Only in very specific circumstances should oversize pizza wheels be considered suitable alternatives to conventional tyres. Ready, Steady, Chuck! is only aware of one occasion where this substitution has successfully been carried out - in 1959 when a converted supercharged Alfa Romeo 135 was fitted with pizza cutting wheels in order to cut manageable squares from a Quattro Staggione with Extra Anchovies the size of the Monza Grand Prix circuit, in an attempt to break the record for the world's largest pizza.

Although the pizza wheel is predominantly used for cutting slices of pizza with, it is by no means solely limited to this function. It is also ideally suited to cutting any other food item subject to cheesedrag, including thin lasagne, cheese on toast, cheesy biscuits, cheesecake, cheese sandwiches, cheese strings, macaroni cheese, cauliflower cheese, or even cheese, as well as Ready, Steady, Chuck! favourites like Grapefruit and Cheese Toastie and Curry Biscuit With Chocolate Vanilla Vinaigrette.

Furthermore, the pizza wheel's versatility means that it is not even limited to use as a cutting tool. It can be effectively used for many lifting and separating functions as well and is therefore a viable substitute for a palette knife, fish slice and, though to a lesser extent, a soup spoon. It should only be used with great caution, however, as an alternative to a potato peeler or a fork.

The pizza wheel is a poor substitute for a fork
Use this utensil to make Grapefruit and Cheese Toastie or Curry Biscuit With Chocolate Vanilla Vinaigrette



  • use the pizza wheel to cut slices of pizza;
  • use the pizza wheel to cut any food susceptible to cheesedrag;
  • use the pizza wheel for certain lifting and separating activities, but with caution.


  • use the pizza wheel as a substitute for a bread knife where sawing action is required;
  • try to saw anything else with the pizza wheel;
  • use the pizza wheel as a substitute for any utensil where cutting (without sawing), lifting or separating is not required;
  • fit your car with the oversize pizza wheels, except in very exceptional circumstances.

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