Tea Strainer

Use the tea strainer to strain tea with

The tea strainer is by far the most effective of all kitchen utensils for straining tea.


As we prepare these essential utensil articles we are increasingly amazed by the number of kitchen utensils whose names are determined solely by their function. There really are a lot of them. And it is odd when their function extends so far from just the operation after which they have been named. The tea strainer is exactly such a utensil. Its name implies that its function is limited to the straining of tea, and yet nothing could be further from the truth.

Essentially, the tea strainer is simply a small sieve. In that respect, it can be used for anything that a sieve can, and if you don't have a sieve and don't m,ind spending a little more time and risking a little more spillage, you can use it as a substitite. Sieving flour is just as effective with a tea strainer, for example, than with a larger sieve. It just takes a bit longer, far less of a problem than you might imagine, and if you're that bothered anyway you can just make smaller cakes. And on top of that amazing functionality, they're also the best thing to use to strain tea with. Much better than, say, large sieves, colanders, potato peelers or fish slices.

At Ready, Steady, Chuck! headquarters we particularly like tea strainers. Not simply because they're important in making the best cups of tea and they're cute because they're tiny sieves, but also because they have many uses around the house and the office as well as in the kitchen. Just ask yourself how many other kitchen utensils make such effective eraser storage cups, makeshift TV aerials, or fencing facemasks for teddy bears?

Despite its similar shape, the tea strainer is not particularly effective when it is used as a soup spoon.
Use this utensil to make the tea to accompany Unorthodox Onion Fondant Surprise if you don't have any tea bags.



  • use the tea strainer in preference to other utensils to strain tea;
  • use the tea strainer as a substitute for a sieve, though be aware that this may make certain activities take a little longer;
  • use the tea strainer for various other unique things around the home and office.


  • try to strain non-liquids through the tea strainer;
  • worry if you have used the tea strainer when making tea with tea bags. This will not cause damage to the strainer and is also unlikely to significantly impair the flavour of the tea;
  • use the tea strainer as a substitute for a spoon when drinking soup.

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