Use the skewer to skewer things with

Not all tent pegs are skewers Kebabs: not just for after closing time


Screwdrivers used as skewers To add impact, use a matching set of screwdrivers as skewers in your dishes

The skewer is, essentially, a thin pointy stick. Sometimes they're made of metal instead of wood, which is an advantage because you can re-use them, and they don't catch fire if you leave them in the heat too long. But it can also be a disadvantage if you don't have skin on your hands made of asbestos, because they can get very hot very quickly. Some of the more advanced skewer designs have therefore incorporated the benefits of both types, with a wooden handle and a metal pointy bit. It's extremely important to make sure you get these the right way round.

From kebabs to fondues, the skewer has a wide variety of culinary applications, though its particular strengths lie in the areas of impaling, spiking, poking and skewering things. It can be used to stir things with and, in extreme situations, as a fork, or if you have two of them, chopsticks. It's not very good at cutting things with, or as a substitute for a spoon, and has very limited uses if you happen to be using it when making soup.

The skewer, however, excels in having such a wide range of applications outside the kitchen environment. It functions equally well as a tent peg, hole-maker, paint-stirrer, thing to write in the sand with, cattle prod, dipstick and child-good-behaviour-encourager. Occasionally, skewers can also be found used for more specialist purposes such as removing the stones from horse's hooves, or safely securing hamster leads to the ground when taking them out for walks.

Chopskewers A pair of skewers can be an effective substitute for chopsticks, although a single skewer is less effective
Use this utensil to make Ready Steady Party Pieces



  • use the skewer for impaling, spiking, poking or skewering
  • use the skewer as a fork, or a chopstick
  • use the pointy end to poke into things, not the handle


  • use the skewer to cut things with
  • try to use the skewer as a spoon
  • overheat metal skewers: they will get very hot
  • overheat wooden skewers: they will catch fire
  • eat the wooden skewer that comes with your kebab
  • definitely don't try to eat the metal one either

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