For toasting things on both sides

Not just for bread A whole variety of different ingredients can be prepared simply and swiftly in the toaster


An essential tool for every modern kitchen, the toaster is a highly versatile utensil that can help chefs add a little extra style and panache to their dishes at the push of a button and in the twinkling of an eye. The only thing that restricts the versatility of the toaster as a kitchen utensil, in fact, is its limited portability owing to the length of its electrical cord. That and the fact that it doesn't work properly if you put it in water (don't do this)*. And its size. And weight. And lots of other factors.

OK, what we're basically saying here is that the toaster is very good at what it does - toasting stuff, on both sides (if you follow the instructions correctly). Don't try to use it as a substitute for other kitchen utensils as it really won't be a very good one. But if you're toasting something double-sided, you can't find a better tool for the job. By no means limited to use with bread, modern toasters are fully equipped to deal with many other exciting, fashionable and tasty ingredients, ranging from Jamaica ginger cake and pitta bread through to small biscuits, Weetabix and lasagne. The toaster can even be used to cook ham (though not very well) - in practice most celebrity chefs tend to prefer poaching ham in some sort of reduction.

So, what's so special about toasters? Well, they're a bit faster than the grill and they do both sides at the same time - so no need to buy a fancy modern grill with a separate duplexing unit. And they give a much more even toasting coverage than using a blowtorch.

*WARNING*: Immersing toasters in liquids of any kind is likely to be dangerous and is NOT endorsed by Ready, Steady, Chuck! in any way whatsoever. It is also likely to invalidate your guarantee, and may make your toaster stop working for ever. Check the small print that came with your toaster for further information, as it probably goes into far more detail on this subject than it sensibly needs to.
No duplexing grill required A selection of the many double-sided ingredients that can be conveniently prepared using a toaster
Use this utensil to make Guacamole Ginger Cake



  • Toast double-sided ingredients in the toaster.
  • Pay attention to the instructions that came with your toaster when you bought it.
  • For best results, plug the toaster in and switch it on before toasting.


  • Use the toaster as a substitute for smaller, lighter, non-electrical kitchen utensils
  • Hold the toaster while it's toasting. That's really silly.
  • Toast single-sided ingredients in the toaster, unless you originally intended to turn them round to toast the other side as well.
  • When making cheese on toast, put the cheese on after the bread has been toasted. Do not put the cheese in the toaster.
  • Immerse the toaster in water. Ever. Especially when you intend to use it.
  • Immerse the toaster in any other liquid either, for that matter.

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