Kitchen Dice

You can never have too many kitchen dice

Kitchen dice in use Dice come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours to suit every specific kitchen need


Generating random numbers is a vital part of every Ready, Steady, Chuck! chef's everyday activities, and so it will hardly come as a surprise that arguably the single most important item in the well-stocked kitchen has to be a set of dice. Suitable to be used with every recipe in any chef's repertoire, and capable of instantly inspiring the imaginative processes that lead to the discovery of new and exciting flavour sensations, a pair of appropriately sized dice are essential tools for the creative and adventurous when let loose in the kitchen.

Unusual among kitchen utensils, dice have obvious culinary application in other places in and out of the house, such as playrooms, casinos, and, as regular readers of these pages will appreciate, in any Ready, Steady, Chuck!-approved supermarket. Although in this respect they can be replaced by pre-generated random numbers, despite any time-saving convenience, there is nothing so satisfying as rolling dice to decide what is going to go into the next meal you're going to prepare.

Accuracy is often of critical importance in recipes, and many chefs believe that the same applies to kitchen randomness. For this reason kitchen dice should be selected with full consideration of their size, color, grease-resistance, and washability. Dice should be kept clean at all times. The best kitchen dice will also be temperature resistant and suitable for use in ovens, dishwashers, microwaves and freezers.

Individual chefs have their own preferences, though. "Some people prefer random number lists or data tables that they can write on whiteboards or set up with magnetic numbers on the front of their fridge," Chef Andy explained. "I'm a traditionalist, though, and as far as I am concerned there's no substitute to a nice, antique set of kitchen dice to enhance the worktop".

Shakers A huge number of everyday objects found around the kitchen can be used as dice shakers
Use this utensil to make All of the Ready, Steady, Chuck! recipes!



  • use the dice for generating random numbers, amounts, or quantities, or to choose between ingredients, by rolling them
  • keep your dice clean and dry at all times
  • select an appropriately sized dice for each use, ensuring in particular that it is smaller than the dice shaker
  • when you can't be bothered, don't have the time, or can't face the stress of difficult decision-making: let the dice decide for you


  • use the dice for slicing, cutting, peeling, serving, or indeed any other use other than rolling
  • use the dice as a substitute for recipe ingredients. Generally, dice are not digestible, and not designed to taste good
  • use the dice for rolling pastry

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