The Bread Knife

Bread Knife

How to use the Bread Knife Above, Chef Kath demonstrates deft use of the bread knife in its secondary role as a tool for frying Weetabix. Although there are self-evident advantages in using the bread knife for this purpose, we recommend that if you are not already an experienced celebrity chef you should use a different implement for this activity, such as a fish slice, wooden spoon, or pretty much anything else that might be available.


Those of you who read this and have made yourselves familiar with our previous study of the fish slice will not be surprised to learn that the so-called bread knife has a wide variety of applications, and is by no means limited in use to knifing bread. Unlike the fish slice, however, the bread knife is very well suited to the task of knifing (and, indeed, cutting, slicing, sawing, stabbing, slashing and generally mutilating) bread. For that matter, it's pretty well suited to doing this to most other foodstuffs, and for this reason should not be given to any psychotic small children who may happen to be in the kitchen at the time, as this could lead to unfortunate consequences for everyone.

With practice and experience, you will soon find the bread knife to be a particularly versatile tool with many secondary uses throughout the kitchen. With only a very few exceptions, it will provide a highly effective substitute for most other kitchen utensils and can therefore be a useful stand-in should the correct tool not be immediately at hand. The bread knife, for example, can function effectively as a replacement for a fish slice, fork, garlic crusher, tea bag remover, can opener, corkscrew, potato masher and whisk, amongst many others. Do not be tempted to use the bread knife as a ladle, however, as this will not work.

The right tools for the job Chef Andrew understands that it can be critical to use the correct tools when preparing fine cuisine. When preparing to cook Rockstar, for example, he first sets out the utensils required by the side of the food he is using in a nice neat arrangement, in accordance with his obsessive-compulsive personality.

Use this utensil to make Jamaican Scratchy Balls



  • use the bread knife for knifing bread
  • use the bread knife as a fish slice, if you don't have a fish slice
  • use the bread knife as a substitute for most non-available utensils


  • hold the blade of the bread knife in your hand
  • use the bread knife as a ladle
  • give the bread knife to psychotic small children
  • let Chef Andrew organise the cutlery in nice neat lines

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