The Fish Slice

Fish Slice

How to use the fish slice Above, Chef Andy gives a demonstration of how to fry an egg using the fish slice. Note that this can also be achieved successfully without first preparing the accompanying risotto.


squash-frying raspberries Squash-fried raspberries are an important component of Nuclear Beach

The curiously named utensil fish slice is one of the standard tools found in kitchens of the world, and has featured frequently in the Ready, Steady, Chuck! Challenge. Many people will find it unusual to discover that its use is by no means restricted to slicing fish. In fact, it isn't even very good as a tool for slicing fish! If you need to slice fish, we strongly recommend you use an entirely different utensil, such as a sharp knife or a potato peeler. Spoons and forks are also less reliable for this purpose and should be avoided. The fish slice, however, is a particularly handy utensil to use to turn things over with, particularly when they are hot and if you might burn yourself if you used your fingers. They are ideally suited to managing commonly fried foods, such as bacon, eggs, ginger cake, Tizer or Weetabix.

To use a fish slice correctly, hold it by the thin (handle) end. Hold it such that the wider, flatter end is level with the surface of the pan (you will soon find that this only works with the fish slice one way up!) and use this end to turn the food over with. If you make the common mistake of starting by holding the fish slice with the wide end, though, stick with it. Remember that if you change to holding the handle end in mid-cook, you are likely to get cooking oil, risotto or some sort of reduction on your hands. This will not only lose you valuable time, but may also be quite unpleasant, and depending on the ingredients concerned, could have lasting after-effects.

As you become an expert fish slice operator, you will be able to slide the slice under the food that is cooking and turn it over with great ease. And as your skill improves, you will increasingly find less need to use two fish slices at the same time.

Flattening stuff The fish slice can also be used to shape fine detail into delicate technical dishes. In this example, Chef Andrew squashes a meatball in preparing his classic Rockstar recipe

Use this utensil to make Oriental Mixed Meat Risotto Florentine



  • hold the fish slice with the thin (handle) end
  • use the fish slice to turn things over with
  • use the fish slice to squash things with


  • attempt to use the fish slice to slice fish
  • use more than two fish slices simultaneously

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