Super Six Surprise

Super Six Surprise Not Suitable For Vegetarians not suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat Low low biscuit injury risk

2015, Chef Andrew

Super Six Surprise This recipe was created using the Ready, Steady, Chuck! EXPRESS rules.

Ingredients used in Super Six Surprise


Signature ingredient: yoghurt

  • toffee yoghurt
  • prawn cocktail crisps
  • organic cider
  • pork & stuffing roll
  • broccoli
  • sweet potato


Elements of the pork/toffee yoghurt/crisp stack in preparation

"6 six ingedence, and all outputs on the plate in 6's (where possible). The surprise being there are not six outputs, plus the surprise from the Ready, Steady, Chuck! ingredence tombola." - Chef Andrew.

Pre-heat the over as much as possible.

Pour about three quarters of the bottle of cider into a saucapan and bring to the boil.

Meanwhile take half of the sweet potato, and cut it into 18 chips. Cook these in the microwave on full power for 1 minute and then transfer to a baking sheet and put in the oven. Take the remaining half of the sweet potato and cut into big wedges. Parboil these in the saucepan of cider until they soften. Then transfer them to a frying pan and brown on each side, retaining the pan of hot cider. Finally, transfer the sweet potato wedges to the baking sheet in the oven to cook with the chips.

Add the broccoli to the cider pan and bring to the boil again until the broccoli is cooked through.

Carefully separate the stuffing and the pork. Chop the stuffing up and add to a pan with a splash of water and the remaining cider. Bring this to the boil, then simmer and reduce to make a sauce.

Spread yoghurt on each of the pork slices and top each with a layer of crushed crisps. Heat a frying pan and fry the pork slices on both sides.

Schematic idealised plan of the completed Super Six Surprise

Arrange each of the completed elements of the dish on a serving plate, with a tower of alternate laywers of fried pork clices and sweet potato wedges, a stack of 18 sweet potato chips, six sprigs of broccoli and a small pool of the sauce, in accordance with the diagram on the left.

Chef Al: "The taste of the toffee yoghurt is totally lost because of the pork and apple stuffing. This is not necessarily a bad thing."

Chef Kath: "A stunning deck of a dish. But what I want to know is how come the broccoli is overcooked but still too crunchy?"

Chef Andrew: "I don't care what anyone thinks, I'm eating it for my lunch."

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