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Spicy Cardamon Bean Salad Not Suitable For Vegetarians not suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat Low low biscuit injury risk Chilli Warning 3 extremely hot

Junior Ready, Steady, Chuck! - Home Edition Special

Spicy Cardamon Bean Salad This recipe was created during play testing of Junior Ready, Steady, Chuck! Home Edition

Spicy Cardamon Bean Salad in preparation Make sure there's an adult close by when your kids are frying cardamons and kidney beans and poaching potatoes in tonic water


  • tinned kidney beans
  • little gem lettuce
  • whole cardamon pods
  • new potatoes
  • tonic water
  • extra hot chilli sauce


Good work! Junior Ready, Steady, Chuck! Home Edition creations let you have fun at home with all the essential kitchen utensils

Separate the lettuce leaves and arrange them in a star shape on a plate. Chop thin slices of new potato and put them in a pan with the tonic water. Turn on the heat and leave them to poach gently. Crush several of the cardamon pods with a cardamon press, or if you don't have one of these, crush them as best you can with a garlic crusher. Add these to the pan.

Hammer one heaped tablespoon of cardamon pods with a meat tenderiser until well bruised and add them to a small frying pan along with the kidney beans. Fry on a medium heat for a few minutes.

Remove the poached potatoes from the heat, and arrange these on alternate lettuce leaves on the serving plate. Fill the other lettuce leaves with warmed kidney bean mixture. Decorate with a small amount of the chilli sauce, and serve.

Andy: "It's a very interesting sort of warmed salad. But I don't think we'll be serving it to our guests in the future."

Andrew: "A magnificent presentation mixing colours and textures, worthy of any Ready, Steady, Chuck! celebrity chef."

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