Sandwich Snack Sardine Stack

Sandwich Snack Sardine Stack Nearly Suitable For Vegetarians nearly suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat Moderate moderate biscuit injury risk

2014, Chef Andy

Sandwich Snack Sardine Stack

Ingredients used in Sandwich Snack Sardine Stack


  • dry rosé wine
  • button mushrooms
  • chocolate wafer biscuits
  • passion fruit yoghurt
  • Kinder chocolate with cereals bar
  • fresh sardines


Take the chocolate wafer biscuits and heat them gently for about 20 second by standing them on top of a toaster and switching it on. This should be just enough to soften the chocolate so that the wafers can be separated, but not quite enough to burn them. Discard any wafers that scorch or catch fire. Halve the separated wafers and set them aside.

Slice the mushrooms and put these and the chocolate bar, and a slug of the wine, in a pan. Heat, stirring continuously, to cook the mushrooms and melt the chocolate and prevent this burning as well.

The toaster is a versatile kitchen utensil, but always be careful toasting chocolate wafer biscuits as they will readily ignite

On a clean cutting board, gut and prepare the sardines. Cut their heads and tails off and fillet the central sections of the sardines. Grill all the sardine parts gently until just done. Be very careful as it is extremely easy to overcook fish, and there is nothing worse than overcooked fish. OK, that's not true, but it's better if you don't overcook the fish - you've burnt enough today already.

On a serving plate assemble the stacks. Starting with a wafer, and separating each layer with another wafer, build alternating layers of the mushroom and chocolate mix, sardine fillet, and passion fruit yogurt, finishing the top of one stack with a sardine head and another with a tail. Do your best to prevent the stacks from falling over, and serve while the fish and the chocolate are still hot.

Knowing what to expect based on the smell, make sure you have a generous glass of wine handy before you attempt to taste the dish. You're going to need it.

Andy: "Me? Crazy? Do you really think so?"

Kath: "It's never good when you try to eat something that is looking at you."

Alan: "Thankfully, it looks ever so slightly worse than it tastes."

Marcus: "It's good to see fish coming up again (on Ready, Steady, Chuck! I mean)."

Andrew: "Genuinely, genuinely revolting."

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