Rocket to Jamaica

Rocket to Jamaica Suitable For Vegetarians suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat Low low biscuit injury risk

2008 Winner, Chef Al

Rocket to Jamaica

Ingredients used in Rocket to Jamaica


  • Jamaica ginger cake
  • lightly salted Kettle Chips
  • glace cherries
  • strawberry steam pudding
  • wholemeal French bread stick
  • Weight Watchers orange, mango and pineapple drink
  • white grape and blackberry flavoured sparkling spring water
He's a very proud man "Is that a Rocket to Jamaica or are you just pleased to see me?"


Combine the orange drink in a saucepan and heat until lukewarm, slightly reduced, and so that most of the fizz has gone. Microwave the pudding as per instructions and set to one side. Meanwhile, slice off one end of the baguette and hollow it out with a teaspoon, setting the excavated crumb aside in a bowl for later. Crumble the ginger cake and stuff into the hollowed-out baguette until full. Hold the stick closed end down and slowly pour the reduction into the cake. Soak the crumb in a bowl with the spring water. Cut the point off the closed end of the stick, taking care not to penetrate the cavity. Make four cuts in the open end of the stick. Select the four largest crisps and wedge them into the cuts. These are the fins of the rocket. Place a small mound of the soaked crumb on a plate, invert the rocket and plant firmly on its vapour trail. Perch the cooled pudding on top of the rocket as a gleaming nose cone. Take four cherries, partially slice and mount them on the fins as nifty landing lights. Finally, add a further cherry to the peak of the nose cone. Serve with a flourish and a knowing smile.

Al: "When I got the sponge pudding I just knew I had to make a space rocket"

Kath: "This is just wrong on so many levels"

Andy: "Proof of how little difference there is between genius and insanity"

Bruce: "Somehow, this looks ruder in the picture than it did in the flesh"

Olga: "I am sure I have come across this somewhere before"

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