Ready Steady Party Pieces

Ready Steady Party Pieces Not Suitable For Vegetarians not suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat Low low biscuit injury risk

2009 Special by Chef Andrew - Created for the Ready, Steady, Chuck! Web Site Launch

Ready Steady Party Pieces

Ingredients used in Ready Steady Party Pieces After ten minutes Chef Andrew had arranged the chocolates in alphabetical order


  • chicken thighs
  • Mars Celebrations chocolates
  • mild & creamy chicken supreme sauce
  • superfast oats
  • barbecue beef flavour hula hoops


I can't bear to look Party guests were remarkably consistent in their appreciation of the canapes

With an overall chicken barbecue feel, this dish is perfect for outdoor summer parties. But it's an ambitious recipe as it includes three separate mini-canapes, each of which has its own name, which are all served together. It's one of Chef Andrew's most adventurous creations to date.

Some basic preparation is needed for all three dishes, so let's get started. Remove the skin from the chicken and cut the flesh away, discarding the bone. Cut the chicken into small cubes, most of them very small, but leave some larger ones about 1cm wide for use in the kebabs. Fry the chicken pieces in a little oil until golden brown. While the chicken is cooking, put the oats into a jug with a smaller amount of water than is specified on the packet instructions - you want the porridge to be very thick! One cup of oats to one cup of water is about the right ratio. Cook in the microwave on full heat until done, but watch out, they will have a tendency to explode if you're not careful! When it's cooked, remove the porridge from the microwave and stand aside to cool and harden. Clean the microwave of porridge shrapnel if necessary.

Crunch... Chef Bruce does his best to try to eat a Choc-Chip Hoopieto

Add a few tablespoons of the chicken supreme sauce to the fried chicken and stir well, making a thick batter. This will be used as a topping for some of the canapes. Keep stirring so that it doesn't stick to the pan, then after it has reduced slightly, remove from the heat and set aside. Unwrap a selection of the chocolates and chop into small cubes. Put a little more oil in a second frying pan and, using a melon baller, scoop even amounts of porridge and fry them in the pan. Gently flatten the porridge balls with a fish slice to form cakes no more than 1cm thick. Cook on both sides until golden brown and then remove from the pan. Then get a large plate or flat tray ready for serving. Now we need to look at the final preparation of each of the three individual canapes.

Happy Hoops

Take individual hula hoops and stuff a chocolate cube in each. Fill with layer of porridge and top with the chicken sauce. Arrange on the serving dish, chicken sauce uppermost.


On a porridge cake base, arrange a layer of chicken sauce. Serve each with a mini-accompaniment of a hula hoop stuffed with chocolate, which should be eaten as a chaser. In case you were wondering, these canapes were named in honour of one of Chef Andrew's women.

Choc-Chip Hoopietos

On a kebab stick, arrange alternating pieces of chocolate, hula hoops and chicken (using the larger chicken pieces previously prepared). Finally, de-ream the porridge along each kebab using a suitable tool, for example, a citrus zester.

Serve with a smug look on your face.

Andrew: "It's my most ambitious dish ever. And it's normal food - there's nothing wrong with it. It's fried chicken and porridge."

Bruce: "And there I was thinking he would take the easy option of stuffing the chicken with chocolate and deep-frying it. No such simplicity for Chef Andrew."

Andy: "It's microchefology made into to a whole new science."

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