Chef Name Chef Kath Chef Kath
Signature Ingredient Weetabix
Ready, Steady, Chuck! Achievements
Ready, Steady, Chuck! Challenge Appearances 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017.
Profile Chef Kath is noted among the Ready, Steady, Chuck! celebrity chefs for her calm and relaxed demeanour in the competitive kitchen environment. "It's a matter of discipline, good organisational skills, and having the right tool for the job", she explained, smiling. "That's how I can write my recipe out, make a fizzy drink reduction, and fry Weetabix with a bread knife at the same time." Chef Kath's creations, such as Hal Al and Peekaboo Lettuce With Reclaimed Meat Accompaniment And A Peach And Beetroot Flower With Centre Of Reconstituted Creamy Steak, can lay claim to being the dishes with the shortest and longest names in Ready, Steady, Chuck! history respectively. "Finding the right name for a dish is critical", she says. "Take a dish like Nuclear Beach. I mean, the name says it all - what else could it possibly be called?"
Favourite Ready, Steady, Chuck! Recipe Curry Biscuit. It is a shame that it's not suitable for freezing, otherwise I would make up a batch on Sunday for lunch.
Favourite Ready, Steady, Chuck! Ingredient Weetabix. It's good for you, and exceptionally versatile. You can use it as a biscuit base, garnish, crust, pie filling, or cook it on its own, fried, roast, tempura-style or in kebabs.
Most Memorable Ready, Steady, Chuck! Moment Forgetting the finger of fudge.
Favourite Celebrity Chef Chef Andrew Est. Winning Odds


Most important thing to have in the kitchen Soap. Very important to keep hygienic, and there's a lot of overlap, too. Lots of food flavours can be put into soaps, like strawberry, coconut, cucumber or prawns. And it goes both ways. I'm thinking about what soap and bleach flavours might go with certain foods. I've also created a wonderful exfoliating soap containing Weetabix.
If you had an industrial quantity of Miracle Whip, what would you do with it? Neutralise it with Weetabix and then dispose of it responsibly.