Chef Name Chef Bruce Chef Bruce
Signature Ingredient Mature cheddar cheese
Ready, Steady, Chuck! Achievements
Ready, Steady, Chuck! Challenge Appearances 2002, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009 Special, 2009, 2011.
Profile Part-time commander of thousands and conqueror of the known world Chef Bruce applies his supreme talents as a great general equally well in the kitchen as on the battlefield. As he explains, "Cheesy Potato Profiteroles in Cherry-Orange Coulis would not have worked without the strategic discipline and tactical doctrine I have learned from studying the works of Sun Tzu, Machiavelli and Bodley-Scott".
Favourite Ready, Steady, Chuck! Recipe Blue Madeira Toast with Ilchester Gratin. When the cheese melted, leaving behind the mould, it was just so unexpected and shocking to everyone, especially Chef Andrew who created it. It's those unexpected shocks and thrills that make Ready, Steady, Chuck! such a great activity for everyone.
Favourite Ready, Steady, Chuck! Ingredient Baby banana porridge. I'd like to see a younger audience involved with Ready, Steady, Chuck! It's never too early to be exposed to the flavour sensations our chefs create every day of the week, whether or not they have access to breast milk.
Most Memorable Ready, Steady, Chuck! Moment That would be the time I had to put one of my dishes straight down the toilet. I don't agree with food wastage at all, but there is such a thing as being too creative. We just have to learn from that kind of experience. It should be a helpful reminder to all Ready, Steady, Chuck! chefs that not everything we create is gold.
Favourite Celebrity Chef Heston is a master at what he does. I have nothing but admiration for his inventive approach, even though he keeps using things like liquid nitrogen, that aren't permitted. OK, strictly, liquid nitrogen isn't non-permitted, but you aren't very likely to find it in Morrisons. Est. Winning Odds


Most important thing to have in the kitchen Tinned soup. And lots of it, in all sorts of flavours. Every flavour I can find in fact. I love them all. I make my own soup a lot as well, especially lentil soup. Lentils have this smell that is really amazing, really strong. Lasts for hours. Days, sometimes. Generating smells like that is a real challenge for some but is something I have mastered over years of practice.
If you had an industrial quantity of Miracle Whip, what would you do with it? Send it up into space and use it to soak up all the space debris floating around. It would probably be very effective at that. And even if it was not, there would be a little less Miracle Whip causing environmental damage on earth.