Pavlova Sandwich Salad

Pavlova Sandwich Salad Suitable For Vegetarians suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat Moderate moderate biscuit injury risk

2011, Chef Andy

Pavlova Sandwich Salad

Ingredients used in Pavlova Sandwich Salad


  • four leaf salad
  • bottle of Coke zero
  • pizza bases
  • bottle of lager
  • strawberry & peach flavour value yoghurt
  • fresh cream meringues
  • value breadsticks
  • ready salted hula hoops


A steady hand is required when making pizza base biscuits

Heat the oven to 220°C. Place the pizza bases on a chopping board and, using a large pastry cutter cut six circles. Carefully split these in two using a sharp knife. Place the split pizza base circles on a baking sheet. Pour coke zero on top of them until they are soaked and pop them in the oven to cook.

Carefully remove the fresh cream meringues and separate the meringue bits from the cream as best you are able using a knife. Set the cream aside in a bowl. Slice the strawberries into shard-like segments. Set these aside for use later. WHile you're at it, select salad leaves of two different colours, but each of roughly the same size. Then, carefully halve the meringue pieces and sculpt them into flat semicircles about half an inch thick using a very sharp knife.

Now prepare the sauce. Empty the yoghurt into a small saucepan and put on the heat. When gently warming, but not boiling, pour in the lager. This will immediately fizz and curdle, but don't panic. Using a hand blender on full power, whisk the mixture while it is warming to allow it all to meld together properly. This will also have the desirable effect of causing the sauce to thicken slightly. Set the sauce aside for the moment.

Half fill a large glass (a chunkie glass is ideal) with hula hoops and broken breadsticks. Crush these with the handle of a meat tenderiser until they form a coarse crumble. Remove the baking tray from the oven. The pizza base circles should have now formed sweet-smelling golden-brown crispy biscuits.

Chef Andy tucks in to his own creation. Yummy.

Now for the final presentation. Arrange salad leaves in alternating colours around a plate, and place a biscuit on top of each. Spoon some of the sauce on the top of each biscuit. Then, using a melon baller, pick up as much of the crumble mix as possible in one scoop and sprinkle on top of the sauce. Place one of the meringue semicircles on top, and cap it all with a second biscuit. Again using the melon baller, scoop some of the fresh cream on top. Finally, set one of the strawberry shards on top of each sandwich. Serve immediately, before the cream melts.

Kirsty: "I sense a baked dessert coming up. With so many brilliant dishes today I think we need a good dessert to do them injustice."

Andy: "Now here comes the science bit: deconstructing the dessert. Lock and load..."

Bruce: "Chef Andy has gone old school - just with new utensils."

Andrew: "I think he's invented English laver bread - lager bread!"

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