Oriental Mixed Meat Risotto Florentine

Oriental Mixed Meat Risotto Florentine Not Suitable For Vegetarians not suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat Low low biscuit injury risk Chilli Warning 1 slightly spicy

2008, Chef Andy

Oriental Mixed Meat Risotto Florentine

Ingredients used in Oriental Mixed Meat Risotto Florentine


  • Welsh silverside steak
  • sliced chicken breast
  • Chinese spare rib flavour bites
  • bottle Brains SA Gold
  • Ryvita Limbo cheese and onion crispy puffs
  • curry flavour savoury rice
  • one egg
Correct use of the fish slice Chef Andy scrapes away the meaty risotto bits that have stuck, to make room for the egg.


Heat the oven to 200oC. Empty the savoury rice into a bowl and add about half the beer. Set aside to soak for the moment. Take the chicken slices and the Chinese spare rib bites and chop into strips and meaty chunks. Set these aside for now. Using a different chopping board, slice the steak into thin slivers. Heat a large frying pan without any oil until very hot. Sear the steak slices on each side until slightly browned. Keep the meat moving, adding a little beer now and then so that it doesn't stick. When the steak is lightly browned, add the remaining mixed meaty bits to the pan and brown these as well. After a few minutes, add the soaked rice and beer to the pan. Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer, stirring constantly. When the rice is nearly cooked, crack the egg in the centre of the risotto. Continue to cook on the hob, finally removing the pan from the heat and placing it in the oven to finish cooking the top of the egg. Ideally, the yolk should remain slightly runny. When cooked, carefully slide the risotto in one piece with the egg in its centre off the pan and onto a serving plate. Sprinkle crushed cheese and onion crispy puffs onto the surface of the rice and serve immediately, accompanied by a glass containing the rest of the beer.

Andy: "I cannot emphasise how much more I enjoyed cooking this than eating it"

Bruce: "It would be reasonably edible were it not for the cheese and onion bits"

Al: "Colourful and aromatic, like something found late at night on the pavement outside a Chinese takeaway"

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