Nuclear Beach

Nuclear Beach Suitable For Vegetarians suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat Low low biscuit injury risk

2012, Chef Kath

Nuclear Beach

Ingredients used in Nuclear Beach


  • Smarties ice cream cones
  • Milky Way Magic Stars
  • raspberries
  • corn flakes
  • rice snaps
  • Babybel cheese


Crimping the edges of silver foil is a useful technique when decorating complex dishes

Set the ice cream cone to one side so that it slightly defrosts, and using a sharp knife, unpeel the cheeses carefully, retaining the wax outer cases. Carefully remove the silver foil from around the ice cream cone and crimp the edges with scissors. Then separate the ice cream and the cones.

Now it is time to squash-fry the fruit. Quickly add the raspberries to a hot skillet, and as they brown, delicately squash them with the flat end of a fish slice or any part of a spatchler. Add the ice cream to the pan and fry it gently so as to make a foam. Do not mix this with the squash-fried raspberries.

While the ice cream and raspberries are cooking, cut one cheese into a star shape, and cut holes in the centre of the other cheeses and a wedge out of the side of each. Insert a Magic Star into the central holes. Decorate some of the cheeses by placing them back into their halved wax casings.

Remove the fried raspberries and ice cream from the pan and cerfully pour onto a serving plate, keeping the raspberries and ice cream foam separate. Tastefully arrange the cheeses on the plate along with the deconstructed ice cream cone and its packaging, and a sprinkling of raw Magic Stars. Finally, spread the rice snaps and corn flakes evenly into the hot pan and toast them lightly together. When they are warmed through, add the remaining Magic Stars. Stir the mix thoroughly as the choclate melts to make a chocolate granola. Arrange this at the sides of the plate and serve immediately.

frying raspberries and ice cream When adding the ice cream to the hot pan it is important to keep it separate from the raspberries. Make sure that the creams do not cross.

Kirsty: "Is it a dessert? I think I might just be able to see the idea of what Chef Kath thought she was trying to make"

Andrew: "I am suffering the trauma of it before I have even tasted it"

Andy: "Chef Kath has taken deconstruction to its logical extreme, to the point where we no longer have any idea as to what it might have originally been"

Al: "It is the vegetarian version of a major road accident"

Marcus: "I don't remeber eating that..."

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