Nearly Parma Ham Fish Parcels With Crushed Crisp Garnish

Nearly Parma Ham Fish Parcels With Crushed Crisp Garnish Not Suitable For Vegetarians not suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat Low low biscuit injury risk

2009 Special by Chef Bruce - Created for the Ready, Steady, Chuck! Web Site Launch

Nearly Parma Ham Fish Parcels With Crushed Crisp Garnish

Ingredients used in Nearly Parma Ham Fish Parcels With Crushed Crisp Garnish


  • salted crinkle cut crisps
  • Stella Artois
  • Australian red wine
  • mini cod nuggets
  • thin sliced cooked ham


Banzai! Chef Bruce applies a traditional Samurai sushi preparation technique to crisp crushing

Unwrap the cod nuggets and set them on the barbecue to cook. You can do this in the oven or under the grill instead if you prefer, but for a summer party the barbecue is a lot more fun. Meanwhile, open the wine and the Stella and mix together in equal parts to make the accompanying cocktail. This drink, which can be thought of as a sort of red wine lager spritzer, is more properly known as a "Red and Tan". It has a piquant, bitter sharpness that contrasts the relatively subtle flavours of the food it accompanies.

Pour a little red wine into a shallow frying pan and lightly poach four slices of ham for about five minutes. Don't be put off by the strange smell. Poaching will not spoil the flavour of the ham in the completed dish. While the ham is cooking in the boiling wine, gently crush the crisps into a coarse crumb which will be used in the final preparation as a garnish. For best results, sparingly use a rolling pin, or better still, one of the specialist tools Japanese chefs use for crisp-crushing, such as a sutekki-noriten. Set the crumb aside. Remove the poached ham from the pan and place it on a wooden board to cool for a few moments.

Woof! One of the more impartial judges requests a last-minute second opinion of Nearly Parma Ham Fish Parcels With Crushed Crisp Garnish

Remove the fish nuggets from the barbecue and, using an appropriate tool such as a fish slice or gobi scoop, gently squash the nuggets so that they open to the air and expose their fishy aromas. Put one in the centre of each ham slice, folding each over to form a triangular parcel. The ham slices should still be sufficiently wine-infused to stick together. Arrange on a serving plate, sprinkle the crisp garnish on the top and serve immediately.

Andy: "I can't believe Bruce thought it was going to be too bland. It's like having the entire contents of a fish & chip shop in one mouthful."

Andrew: "It smells like barbecued raccoon. No, I take that back. It smells like boiled raccoon. The drink is dreadful though."

Bruce: "I feel that smell is an underrated sense."

Party guest: "Gross."

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