Me Mini Fish Cubes

Me Mini Fish Cubes Suitable For Vegetarians suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat Moderate moderate biscuit injury risk

2011 WINNER, Chef Andrew

Me Mini Fish Cubes

Ingredients used in Me Mini Fish Cubes


  • bottle of strawberry pear cider
  • Chicken tonight cook-in sauce
  • diet coke
  • fresh salmon steak
  • Cadbury's chocolate animals
Use the biscuit packets with the liquids as boil-in-the-bag utensils


Open the jar of chicken tonight sauce and pour the contents into a bowl. Wash and dry the jar and keep it for use later. Open the packet containing the individual packets of chocolate animals carefully at one end and remove its contents. Then, open the individual packets of chocolate animals carefully at one end only, and empty the biscuits onto a plate. Retain the packets and place to one side. Unwrap the salmon steak and set it on another plate. Take a small saucepan and stand the chicken tonight jar in its centre. Using the Bowie knife, skin the salmon steak and cut it into two parts, each about one inch thick. Take one of these steaks and cut the salmon into six cubes about one inch square. Take three of the small packets and place two salmon cubes in each. Pour diet coke into each packet until about half full, then seal each firmly with gaffer tape. Arrange the three packets vertically around the jar in the saucepan with the sealed edges uppermost.

Take the remaining salmon steak. Carefully skin it with the Bowie knife and cut it into six cubes. Take a second pan and stand a cheese grater in its centre. Place the salmon pieces gently into the large bag and half fill this with strawberry pear cider. Do not seal this bag, but stand it carefully against the cheese grater in the pan so that it does not fall over.

Multiple boil-in-the-bag techniques are required in the preparation of Me Mini Fish Cubes

Boil some water in a kettle. Stand both pans on the hob and, when the kettle has boiled, pour hot water into the pans around the bags but not inside them. Gently heat both pans on the hob. While the pans are heating, place the chocolate animal biscuits on a board and pound into fine powder using the rear of the head of the Viking hand axe. Put the powdered biscuit aside in a bowl.

Remove the pans from the heat and carefully open the bags, using the Bowie knife if necessary. Dip each of these cubes in the chicken tonight sauce, then roll in the crushed biscuit powder. Place these cubes on a baking tray and heat under a hot grill for a few minutes until browned and crispy. Remove the cubes from the larger packet and set these on a serving plate in an orderly arrangement. When the baking cubes have browned slightly, remove them from the grill and arrange beside the other cubes on the plate. Serve warm, with a sense of achievement.

Andrew: "It's amazing what diet coke does under stress - it appears to have electroplated the fish."

Andy: "Its sort of like fishy nuggets. Quite nice, actually."

Kath: "I'd probably eat this, if I really had to."

Kirsty: "It looks like the results of liposuction on a haddock."

Al: "There's nothing quite like tenderising small animals with an axe, is there?"

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