English Breakfast Millefeuille, Over Easy

English Breakfast Millefeuille, Over Easy Suitable For Vegetarians suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat High high biscuit injury risk

2017 WINNER, Chef Andy

English Breakfast Millefeuille, Over Easy

Ingredients used in English Breakfast Millefeuille, Over Easy


  • tear & share garlic bread
  • bottle of lager
  • salted caramel & chocolate Hob-Nob bars
  • Crunchie bar
  • potatoes
  • tomatoes, salad
  • creamy coleslaw
  • packet of Haribo mix


Scrape as much garlic butter as possible from the bread and place this in a large frying pan. Putting two Haribo fried egg sweets aside for later, take a handful of Haribos of mixed flavours (avoiding the ones with white bits on, because these are horrible) and put them in a small pan.

Cut thin rectangles from the bread, about 10cm long by 3cm wide and 5mm thick, and then do the same with the potato. Thinly slice the tomato and a Hob-Nob bar. Then trim most of the chocolate from a Crunchie and set the honeycomb aside.

Arrange two of the salted caramel chocolate Hob-Nob slices on a serving plate, and carefully spread a layer of coleslaw on each.

Heat the garlic butter in the large pan and fry two tomato slices in the remaining garlic butter until softened and lightly singed. Carefully balance a fried tomato slice on top of the coleslaw on each stack.

Bring the other pan to the heat and melt the Haribos while continually stirring. At the same time, fry the potato slices until lightly browned, by which time they should have become slightly crispy, but still soft inside having taken up the grease and flavour of the garlic butter. Place these on top of the tomato slices. Keeping this pan on the heat, add two of the bread rectangles and allow them to heat up. As soon as they start to burn, pour lager into the pan and keep on the heat.

As the Haribos melt, stir more vigorously as they turn to a viscous, sticky liquid, making sure you do not allow them to either carbonise or permanently set to the pan. Move swiftly now to transfer a dollop of melted Haribo to each stack. Then immediately return to the frying bread, ensuring that it does not stick to the pan. Be very gentle as the bread will by now have softened considerably and will be easily broken. Turn each slice to cook the other side, and then transfer a hot slice of the lagered garlic bread pudding to the top of each stack.

Place one of the Haribo fried eggs on top of the centre of each stack and crumble honeycomb on top and lightly around the plate to decorate.

Serve immediately.

Chef Andy: "Behold. An amuse-bouche that combines the flavours of a traditional English breakfast with elements of classical French patisserie."

Chef Kath: "The bread looks like Mackerel."

Chef Al: "Really strange. Not disgusting, yet has a weird stickiness - and the combined texture of Haribo and garlic pudding is not nice. But the worst part is the Hob-Nob which is just horrible on its own. Overall, unpleasant, yes, but not vile."

Chef Kath: "I think something sprang out and back into my mouth!"

Chef Kirsty: "Coleslaw and Haribo may be suitable for vegetarians, but it's not recommended."

Chef Al: "Sorry, I'm still picking melted Haribo cement out from between my teeth."

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