Ready, Steady, Chuck! Merchandise

In response to the many requests for Ready, Steady, Chuck! apparel and other merchandise, we are very pleased to present a series of approved T-shirt designs that will make you really look the part when you're relaxing with your friends in the pub, on a random shopping trip, or in the kitchen doing all that cheffy stuff.

We're not able to take orders directly from the web site at the moment but if you want to find out how to get hold of any of our products please send us a request at the Ready, Steady, Chuck! Store and we will give you details. Our approved T-shirt designs can all be made available for you at very reasonable prices, and are available in a variety of colours, especially white, but also grey and black, and sizes such as large medium and medium large.

Click on any of the designs below for a preview of what it might look like on a T-shirt. Probably.

Are You Ready?

These T-shirt designs introduce people to the world of Ready, Steady, Chuck! with their eye-catching graphics. Including words in the same style as the Ready, Steady, Chuck! logo, wearing these will make it clear to everyone that you are in charge of the shopping and the cooking, and everyone else will just have to take their chances! Are you ready?

Ready I: Are You Ready?
Ready II: Ready For Anything
Ready III: Let the Dice Decide

Classic T-Shirt Designs for Classic Recipes!

These classic designs celebrate some of the greatest creations of the Ready, Steady, Chuck! Challenge. The dishes that have been selected are the ones that Ready, Steady, Chuck! Headquarters believe to be the most iconic, and are not necessarily ones that have won any awards. So if we haven't chosen your favourite, please let us know and we will put things right!

Classic Dishes I: Guacamole Ginger Cake
Classic Dishes II: Cheesy Potato Profiteroles
Classic Dishes III: Rocket to Jamaica
Classic Dishes IV: I Went To Bangor

Kids' Styles!

Ready, Steady, Chuck! isn't just something the grown ups enjoy so let your little ones join in by wearing a T-shirt of their own. If they're too small to safely use a gobi scoop, then can you think of a better way for them to enjoy the atmosphere of competitive random fusion cheffery?

Kiddie I: My Dad
Kiddie II: When I Grow Up

Women's Designer Styles

Ready, Steady, Chuck! isn't just for the boys either. We know you've been waiting for them for ages, and at last our new range of designer ladies' T-shirts, created by Maison de Caz, are available for all you celebrity chefettes. Inspired by feminine themes, they're guaranteed to get you noticed!

Girlie I: Lovely Dumplings
Girlie II: Porridge on my Melons

Ready, Steady, Chuck! Specials

The T-shirts that every celebrity chef wants to wear! A series of designs including classic retro styles that celebrate everything that Ready, Steady, Chuck! is all about. If you don't see your favourite design here, let us know by sending your suggestions to Ready, Steady, Chuck! Headquarters today!

Special I: Random Shopper
Special II: Frankie Say Reduce
Special III: I Fry Weetabix
Special IV: Vegetarians

It's a Miracle!

Hate it or utterly despise it, Miracle Whip is as important to Ready, Steady, Chuck! as fried Weetabix and baby banana porridge. So what better way to say "I told you so" than to wear one of these great designs?

Whippy I: Just Say No
Whippy II: I (don't love) M W

We've got a whole load more ideas here at Ready, Steady, Chuck! Headquarters for more T-shirts, so keep coming back to check the latest in celebrity chef fashion style. We're also thinking about expanding our range of original merchandise, subject to popular demand and legal advice, to include Ready, Steady, Chuck! chef hats, aprons and oven gloves, celebrity chef action figures, and plush Chef Als.

Junior Ready, Steady Chuck! - Home Edition

Junior Ready, Steady Chuck! - Home Edition

Everyone's talking about Ready, Steady, Chuck!'s brand new card and dice game, Junior Ready, Steady, Chuck! - Home Edition. Now you can be a celebrity chef in your own kitchen! Designed for children from 8 to 88, it's sure to be the present everyone will want in their Christmas stocking, so make sure you get your orders in now while stocks last, as they're selling like hot Jamaica ginger cakes!