MasterChuck! at Home

The BBC book Masterchef at Home - not to be confused with Ready, Steady, Chuck!'s game MasterChuck! at Home

To celebrate the launch of the new BBC book Masterchef At Home, we released our own new play-at home game that combines the tradition of high-class meal preparation that is key to Masterchef with the random cheffery skills unique to the Ready, Steady, Chuck! Challenge.

MasterChuck! at Home is a simple to play dinner-party game with a difference. The rules are straightforward, and everything you need to play is available to download for free from the Ready, Steady, Chuck! downloads page.

How To Play MasterChuck! at Home

MasterChuck! at Home is organised by a host who has to have somewhere suitable to prepare meals and serve them at a dinner party. It's a dinner party with a difference, though - the host doesn't do any of the cooking. That's down to three of the guests, who each take turns to prepare and serve everyone else with a starter, main course, and a dessert. We like to make it easy for you, so we've already provided some handy downloadable official MasterChuck! at Home dinner party invitations (supplied 8 to a page of A4 for convenience) for you to use. We think that eight guests is probably about as many as can sensibly be handled for games of MasterChuck! at Home, but how many guests youhave is up to you. Just print them off, cut them out and complete the details of the party and who the chef will be for each course, and hand them out to all your guests.

Thanks to Ready, Steady, Chuck!'s handy downloads, you can play MasterChuck! at Home at home at your own dinner parties

This is where the fun starts. The challenge for your chefs is that you'll be telling them what the dishes they're creating are going to be called. It's then up to them to use their culinary skills to create something that matches the description - and serve it up to all the guests at the party. Use the handy downloadable official MasterChuck! at Home random menu generator to decide. It's in Excel format so should work easily enough. Just press the f9 key to generate a new menu, until you're happy with what you get. It's your dinner party, so you're in charge. When you get a menu you like the look of and you think the challenge level is right, print it out so that you can use it. You'll need one copy of the menu for each of the chefs as well as one for the dinner guests to see what they're going to be eating.

Your chefs will need to know what to do as well as what they're cooking. Again, we've made it very easy for you. Download and print three copies of the official MasterChuck! at Home information for chefs, complete the details for each of your chefs, and hand them out.

The chefs can then get all the ingredients they need for the dinner party and either bring them along to prepare on the day (the best option), or pre-prepare things in advance. It's up to you whether they should pay for this themselves. We recommend that if they do, as the host you should provide them with wine and nibbles, otehr guests should at the very least bring a bottle, and everyone eho isn't a chef should be prepared to chip in for takeaway pizza if the food for the whole evening turns out to be a complete disaster.

At the end of the meal, the guests should decide which of the chefs prepared the best meal and is the winner. You can decide amongst yourselves whether there should be any prizes, but we think the honour of winning is plenty enough. Remember, this is a light-hearted game that should be fun for everyone, so don't take it too seriously. It's not going to mean you'll be able to run your own restaurant or get any Michelin stars. But please do let us know about your MasterChuck! at Home games, the meals you've created and prepared, and do include any photos you would like to see published here. We'd love to hear from you!