Junior Ready, Steady Chuck! - Home Edition

Junior Ready, Steady, Chuck! - Home Edition Cards, dice, and mayhem in the kitchen, all in one brilliant game

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Created in response to popular demand from readers of the Ready, Steady, Chuck! web pages, Junior Ready, Steady, Chuck! - Home Edition is the colourful card and dice game that enables youngsters of all ages from 8 upwards to host their own Ready, Steady, Chuck! competitions in the comfort and safety of your own home. Requiring limited adult supervision, Junior Ready, Steady, Chuck! is a great educational game for 2-6 players that encourages creative design and craft skills, and educates on food science and cookery at the same time.

Inside its colourful box are 240 ingredient cards, 30 blank cards, two dice, two pencils, a pad of recipe record notes, a twenty minute kitchen timer, two official Junior Ready Steady Chuck! aprons, and a winner's rosette based on those given at the Ready, Steady, Chuck! Challenge.

Junior Ready, Steady, Chuck! - Home Edition Teach your children basic cooking techniques with Junior Ready, Steady, Chuck! - Home Edition

The game is closely based on the rules of the World Ready, Steady, Chuck! Championships. First, with the help of a responsible adult, the ingredient cards are sorted based on what's available in the kitchen that the grown-ups will let the kids use. The most likely of these ingredients are already shown on the cards, but each box contains 30 blank cards for you to use for ingredients you have in the cupboards that we didn't expect. Once the deck of available ingredient cards has been selected, 36 of these cards are dealt out in a 6 x 6 grid on the table to represent the supermarket. Each player then selects the ingredients for their dish. The total number of ingredients in each dish is determined by the number of players.

I particularly like the wine gum gravy Junior Ready, Steady, Chuck! - Home Edition is celebrity-chef approved!

To select each ingredient, the player rolls two dice - one "along the supermarket aisles", the other "down the shelves". The card in the location indicated along and down the grid is selected, and replaced by another taken from the deck. Taking turns in sequence, each player finds their six ingredients this way.

Once the cards have been selected, the responsible adult finds those ingredients. The players can then be left to think up their recipes and write them down on a sheet from the note pad. After these sheets have been checked over by a responsible adult, in turn the players then start the timer and start to create and prepare their dishes, with adult supervision as necessary. When they're prepared, the dishes are given original names by each player and presented.

The finished dishes should be tried by everyone. The adults should judge the dishes and declare the most deserving to be the winner. They can use the scoring method in the official rules as a guide if they wish.

Using a sample of random children, we tested Junior Ready, Steady, Chuck! - Home Edition and proved it to be the game that all the kids want to play in their parent's kitchens. Make sure they're supervised when you do, so that they can come up with great dishes like Spicy Cardamon Bean Salad and The Not So Lucky Splat!

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