Italo-Irish Shandy Floater Stew

Italo-Irish Shandy Floater Stew Not Suitable For Vegetarians not suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat Low low biscuit injury risk

2006 Special Achievement Award, Chef Bruce

Italo-Irish Shandy Floater Stew

Ingredients used in Italo-Irish Shandy Floater Stew


  • thick Lincolnshire pork sausages
  • tinned spaghetti
  • pack couscous salad
  • Newcastle Brown Ale
  • Sprite


Using a large metal pan on a gentle heat, bring the Sprite to a simmer. Place a small amount of (preferably sunflower) oil in a frying pan and bring to a medium heat. Fry the sausages in the oil until golden brown and cooked through. 10-15 minutes should be enough. Take care not to burn the sausages and, most importantly, do not prick the sausages as this will release the juices, make them dry, and spoil their flavour. When done, take the sausages off the heat. Once the sprite is simmering, stir in the couscous. Be generous. A little frothing indicates the ingredients are combining nicely. Open the tinned spaghetti and pour into the liquid. This should change it to an orange colour and you should see a nice blend of ingredients swirling in the mix. Add some Newcastle Brown Ale to taste, but pay attention! There will be a lot of frothing. Take care not to spill any, as this is a criminal offence in the north of England. Finally, cut up the sausages into short lengths (6-8 per sausage depending on the size of the sausage) and add them to the liquid, stirring a few more times and continuing to boil until it achieves the consistency of porridge. If all has gone well then the smell should bring tears (of joy, of course) to your eyes. Serve in the finest white porcelain with a toilet roll. If there is any ale left, drink it now.

Bruce: "My attempts to prevent anyone from tasting my dish may have succeeded. Can anyone remember eating this? What did it taste like?"

Al: "Like an enema but without the indignity"

Andy: "I consider myself particularly lucky to not have participated in the competition this year"

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