Introduction to Ready, Steady, Chuck!

Al's wisdom Al's Wisdom: "Banana Baby Porridge is, as it specifies on the package, best made with breast milk. However, if this is unavailable, it is considered perfectly acceptable to use ordinary milk instead."

So What's It All About?

Ready, Steady, Chuck! is a challenging cookery competition that tests the creative and artistic skills of rival chefs, who work against the clock to prepare new and inventive food fusions in a competitive kitchen environment. Seeking to test their cookery skills to the extreme, Ready, Steady, Chuck! chefs create their dishes from randomly selected ingredients. Light-hearted, strong-stomached judges observe, smell, taste, and, after recovering, critically assess these unique creations. Their verdicts decide who is to receive the coveted title of Ready, Steady, Chuck! champion at the annual Ready, Steady, Chuck! Challenge in Bangor, North Wales.

If you are culinarily daring, and have ready access to a kitchen and a Ready, Steady, Chuck!-compatible supermarket, then now, guided by our web site, you too can join in the fun and test your culinary creative skills to the extreme. We have even provided some handy downloadable tools to help you get started. Eventually you may decide to host your own Ready, Steady, Chuck! event, and who knows, in time perhaps you will become a Ready, Steady, Chuck! champion!

Suitable for vegetarians Carefully stew chocolate, figs and feta cheese to make Chocolate Olive Cheesecake With A Fig And Chocolate Coulis.

Follow this link to find out more about the rules of Ready, Steady, Chuck!.

An Original Concept

It is difficult to say for certain who can be originally credited with the idea behind what ultimately evolved into Ready, Steady, Chuck!, as its fundamentals were originally conceived from a coming together of several brilliant minds under the influence of not insignificant quantities of alcohol, and a discussion of, amongst many other things, the reserve and conservatism shown by so many of today's celebrity chefs. The thinking behind Ready, Steady, Chuck! has drawn from many influences, including cookery books and TV cookery programmes, particularly the BBC's Ready, Steady, Cook and MasterChef shows, and to a lesser extent other sources such as Ray Mears' Bushcraft and Luke Rhinehart's The Dice Man. These and other influential and interesting references can be found on our links page.

Special Acknowledgement

We owe a particular debt of gratitude to those who originally conceived BBC TV's successful programme Ready, Steady, Cook from which some of the basic concepts of Ready, Steady, Chuck! (and, as a mark of respect, its name) has derived. Other than this, and our undying admiration, we have no particular connections with Ready, Steady, Cook, its designers or the BBC (but, BBC, if you're reading this, we're always open to offers).