Iced Samosas in Broccoli Cheese Orangraite

Iced Samosas in Broccoli Cheese Orangraite Not Suitable For Vegetarians not suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat Low low biscuit injury risk Chilli Warning 1 slightly spicy

2009 Special by Chef Andy - Created for the Ready, Steady, Chuck! Web Site Launch

Iced Samosas in Broccoli Cheese Orangraite

Ingredients used in Iced Samosas in Broccoli Cheese Orangraite


  • tinned corned beef
  • broccoli & cheddar cheese soup
  • orange drink with added vitamin C
  • ready-to-use white icing
  • aloo gobi saag


First of all, make the orangraite. For those who aren't familiar with the term, orangraite is a dressing very similar to vinaigrette, but which uses an orange base in place of balsamic or wine vinegar. Suitable for use on salads, main courses and cake, it seemed an obvious choice given the options available. Pour two parts broccoli and cheddar soup and three parts orange drink into a small jar, and shake vigorously. After checking the aroma - the strength of the cheese should not overwhelm the smell of citrus - set aside while you prepare the samosas.

Something for everyone! Delighted party guests enjoyed sampling Iced Samosas in Broccoli Cheese Orangraite at the Ready, Steady, Chuck! web site launch

Take the corned beef out of the tin and cut small cubes not larger than 1cm along each edge. Set these aside for later. On a flat surface roll the icing out to a sheet about 1mm thick, and cut into a equilateral triangle about 15cm along each side. Use a gobi scoop, or, if one is not readily available, a melon baller, to scoop two small balls of the saag into the centre of the icing. Add four corned beef cubes on top. Carefully fold the corners of the icing completely over to seal the samosa, turn it over and place it on a clean serving plate.

This dish is suitable for vegetarians with minor alterations. For the launch party Chef Andy made a selection of meat samosas and some vegetarian ones which omitted the corned beef, so that everyone could enjoy the tasting.

After giving the orangraite another quick shake, pour it into a Pyrex or plastic jug and heat in the microwave until warm. Make sure it's not too hot, or the samosa icing will melt! Pour over the samosas and serve immediately.

As well as party food, Iced Samosas in Broccoli Cheese Orangraite is suitable for use as a starter, main course, or a dessert.

Bruce: "I wasn't expecting that. It's really weird!"

Andy: "The sweetness of the icing seems to stay with you for ever. Then, when it finally dies away, you get a real hit from those Indian spices stuck between your teeth"

Vegetarian guest: "I can honestly say I have never tasted anything quite like that before"

A vegetarian version of Iced Samosas in Broccoli Cheese Orangraite can be made if you exclude the corned beef.

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