Frequently Asked Questions

Ready, Steady, Chuck chefs trust in the dice

Q: So What Exactly is Ready, Steady, Chuck!, Then?

A: It's a cookery competition where chefs work against the clock to create original dishes from randomly selected ingredients. Of course. Didn't you read the introduction?

Q: What Do You mean, Random?

A: It's really very simple. The ingredients the chefs use are selected from the aisles and shelves of a Ready, Steady, Chuck!-compatible supermarket based on the scores of dice rolls.

Q: Are You Sure You're Allowed To Do That?

A: Well, our legal advisors don't think there's anything to prohibit it, although we have been followed around the supermarket by the security staff a few times. We also get quite a lot of funny looks from other shoppers who don't expect people to flit about randomly between the aisles hysterically laughing when they're doing their shopping. Every so often we confuse the staff as well. On one occasion, for example, we were helpfully advised by the assistant that the ingredient we had chosen was on offer - two for the price of one. She told us we could have another one for free if we wanted. She was a bit confused when we declined the offer and explained that we didn't really want the one we had got either, but would take it anyway.

Q: How Can You Get Away With Calling Yourselves Celebrity Chefs?

A: Admittedly, we have not taken specific legal advice on this particular point, but we did check it out on Wikipedia. We are not aware of the existence of any legal restrictions that mean that we can't call ourselves chefs - after all, we do cook food that is served to other people, which is the essential essence of chefiness. However, we have no wish whatsoever to offend anyone of any profession whatsoever, so if we are in danger of violating any law or statute please be assured that we will be very happy to change the spelling of the word "chef" to suit. Just to be on the safe side, we've defined what chefs are in the glossary. But we're definitely all celebrities, so there.

Non-alcoholic noodle wine Chef Kath prepares non-alcoholic noodle wine by carefully decanting beef and tomato jus

Q: Surely, Though, If You Were Proper Chefs Wouldn't You Dress Up As Them? At Least With A Hat And An Apron? Do You Take Us For Fools?

A: One question at a time, please. I assure you, we really are proper chefs, and since 2009 we have been dressing up as them. But you have to understand that as creative geniuses Ready, Steady, Chuck chefs do not fear defying the conventions of what to wear during cheffy activities. Some Ready, Steady, Chuck chefs even decide what they're going to wear in the morning randomly, by rolling dice. Even whe they're not planning to cook. Anyway, it's not as if we're working in a restaurant, you know. I mean, do you dress up every time you go in the kitchen? Well, then. At Ready, Steady, Chuck! Headquarters we don't believe that cheffing is something you need to dress up to do. It's not just a privilege of the rich and famous, those who work in restaurants, host TV shows, or have Michelin Stars. It's something everyone can enjoy, whoever they are and however bad at cooking, and whether or not they have a chef's hat. But having said that we do appreciate that dressing as chefs might give a bit more credibility, so we will be doing that for the Challenge from now on.

Q: Has Anyone Ever Actually Chucked Up At The Event?

A: No, but it has been very close, and on one particular occasion it happened shortly after the Challenge and lasted five days, winning Chef Andy a Ready, Steady, Chuck! Special Achievement Award. Oh, the joys of Miracle Whip.

Q: Why Do I Get The Impression You Don't Like Miracle Whip?

A: Look, whether or not any one of the chefs likes or dislikes any particular ingredient is a personal matter, and in the context of Ready, Steady, Chuck! is completely irrelevant (unless you're allergic to it - see Rule 2.4.1). But for the record, there are things I like to eat far less than Miracle Whip, for example, Marmite or engine oil. I have a healthy respect for both of these and, that said, I know that there is nothing at all wrong with Miracle Whip, and am fully aware that there are some people out there who actually do like eat the stuff. I just don't want it to come up again as one of my random ingredients again, thanks very much. Ever. And neither does anyone else, at Ready, Steady, Chuck! headquarters, so we have taken steps to ensure this doesn't happen.

Q: It's Disgusting. How Can I Let You Know Exactly What I Think Of All This?

A: Email us at Ready, Steady, Chuck! Headquarters. We're always pleased to hear what people have to say.

Q: So Who's This Olga Person Really, Then? Come On, Admit It - It's Kath, Isn't It?

A: Olga Svennsvennsennsensen (or something like that) is a Swedish B-movie starlet, food critic and lap dancer, who has a burgeoning career as a writer, and who knits models of human internal organs. Her big break in the USA came with her role as the drunk woman in Wedding II: The Reception (2003). Noted critic Everett Sponge wrote: "In my experience I have never witnessed the role of the drunk woman so accurately portrayed. Svennsvennsennsensen plays her part naturally and flawlessly. One is forced to conclude that she has practised for this role throughout her whole professional career." More recently, Olga has starred in such classics as Bendy Like Beckham, It Came In Outer Space, Dry Humping For Fashionistas and Hot Latvian Nuns Wrestling In Miracle Whip III. She's definitely not the same person as Chef Kath. Certainly not.

If you think it looks bad, try tasting it Ready, Steady, Chuck!'s celebrity chefs are masters of modern cooking techniques such as controlled curdling. If you think it looks bad, you should try tasting it.

Q: I own a supermarket chain and I would like to become officially endorsed by Ready, Steady, Chuck!. What do I have to do?

A: This is a very common question we are frequently asked. Please email us at Ready, Steady, Chuck! Headquarters and for a small feewe will be pleased to provide you with further details. Once your application has been formally approved, we will include your details on this web site and notify local Ready, Steady, Chuck! players in your area.

Q: Why can't I find any pictures of Ainsley on this site? I really love Ainsley and I don't understand how he can present the programme and yet not appear in any pictures on your web site? Help me please before I start crying!

A: You are looking at the wrong web site, though it's a really easy mistake to make, after all, "Talented chefs battle it out against the clock, creating delicious dishes in 20 minutes" there as well. We're sure there are lots of other sites that do have pictures of Ainsley but the one you were probably looking for is the BBC's Ready Steady Cook page. Yes - look - there he is!