Ready, Steady, Chuck! EXPRESS Official Rules

X1. Introduction

X1.1. Ready, Steady, Chuck! EXPRESS

X1.1.1. These rules are supplementary and additional to the official Ready, Steady, Chuck! rules. Unless otherwise specified within these rules, the official Ready, Steady, Chuck! rules apply.

X1.2. Overview

X1.2.1. These are the official rules for competitive Ready, Steady, Chuck! EXPRESS games. They include additions to, and amendments of the official Ready, Steady, Chuck! rules.

X2. Additional Rules

X2.1. Signature Ingredients

X2.1.1. Each participating Chef shall be assigned a signature ingredient. The signature ingredient shall be identified based on it being an ingredient that has been frequently-used by, is particularly relevant to, or iconically representative of the Chef concerned. Typically, a Chef's signature ingredient will be the ingredient that they have most frequently encountered through random selection during games of Ready, Steady, Chuck!, but it may subject to agreement be iconic to that Chef for other reasons, for example, in respect of a Special Achievement Award.

X2.1.2. A Chef's signature ingredient will always be included as one of the ingredients of their dish.

The Ready, Steady, Chuck! EXPRESS tombola

X2.2. Shopping

X2.2.1. In order to expedite the shopping process, one person buys the signature ingredients as well as random ingredients to the approximate value of £5 per player from a Ready, Steady, Chuck!-approved supermarket.

X2.2.2. The total number of ingredients selected for the competition should be an exact multiple of the number of Chefs - i.e. each Chef should end up with the same number of ingredients.

X2.2.2. On return to the kitchen, random ingredients are assigned raffle ticket numbers. Chefs then draw raffle tickets in turn to identify which ingredients they should use. This is known as the Tombola.

X3. Amended Rules

X3.1. Selection of Ingredients

X3.1.1 (amends 2.3.1.) Ingredients are selected by one of the Chefs who purchases ingredients in accordance with X2.2 above. This is undertaken prior to any design, preparation, naming or cooking of their dishes.

X3.1.2. Rules 2.3.2.- 2.3.8. and 2.3.14.- 2.3.16. do not apply.

These Official Ready, Steady, Chuck! EXPRESS rules are included as an Appendix in the pdf download of the Offical Ready, Steady, Chuck! Rules.