Ready, Steady, Chuck!'s Essential Utensils

Every month, the celebrity chefs at Ready, Steady, Chuck! headquarters rack their brains to come up with practical, helpful advice to learners and experts alike concerning key cooking utensils. Drawing from their combined understanding of the technical ins and outs of each utensil, and their years of practical experience of deft usage in competitive kitchen environments, they present essential user guides accessible to everyone.

Use the links below to navigate through the archive of utensils for which guides have been developed for you by the Ready, Steady, Chuck! team.

The Fish Slice The Fish Slice
The Bread Knife The Bread Knife
The Melon Baller The Melon Baller
The Waiter's Friend The Waiter's Friend
Kitchen Dice Kitchen Dice
The Sutekki-Noriten The Sutekki-Noriten
The Toaster The Toaster
The Skewer The Skewer
The Potato Peeler The Potato Peeler
The Tea Strainer The Tea Strainer
The Palette Knife The Palette Knife
The Hawthorn Strainer Hawthorn Strainer
The Hand Blender The Hand Blender
The Pizza Wheel The Pizza Wheel
The Garlic Crusher The Garlic Crusher
The Egg Cup The Egg Cup
The Chunkie Glass The Chunkie Glass
The Meat Tenderiser The Meat Tenderiser
The Ice Cream Scoop The Ice Cream Scoop
Pastry Cutters Pastry Cutters
The Olive Stoner The Olive Stoner
The Egg Slicer The Egg Slicer
The Zester The Zester
The Viking Hand Axe The Viking Hand Axe
The Gas Ignition Lighter Thingy G.I.L.T.
The Spatchler The Spatchler
Gaffer Tape Gaffer Tape
The Turkey Baster The Turkey Baster

Special Utensil Features!

Chef Al's Fantasy Kitchen Utensil My Fantasy Kitchen Utensil, by Chef Al
The Extreme Chef's Essential Utensil Kit The Extreme Chef's Essential Utensil Kit

Special utensil features are a new addition to Ready, Steady, Chuck!'s regular guide to kitchen utensil guides. We hope that you will learn as much from reading these articles as we did writing them.