Dip-Dyed Muffin Avocado Stone

Dip-Dyed Muffin Avocado Stone Suitable For Vegetarians suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat High high biscuit injury risk

2017, Chef Kath

Dip-Dyed Muffin Avocado Stone

Ingredients used in Dip-Dyed Muffin Avocado Stone


  • lemon muffins
  • fiery ginger beer
  • tinned tomato soup
  • tinned lentils
  • stir-fried sauce mix
  • milk chocolate digestive biscuits
  • reduced fat Caesar salad dressing
  • mature stilton cheese


Crush half a dozen chocolate biscuits and grind them into a fine crumble. Transfer them to a pan and add 50ml of fiery ginger beer. Put on the heat and bring to a simmer, stirring occasionally, and sautée until well mixed and the chocolate has melted. Press the mixture together in a circle on a serving plate.

In another pan, heat 100ml more of the ginger beer. Remove any rind from the stilton and flake into the warming liquid. Bring to the boil, stirring to combine the mixture and simmer until it is reduced to a thick paste. Pour the paste on top of the biscuit base as thickly as possible, and transfer to the freezer to set.

Strain the lentils into a bowl, retaining the brine from the can for later. Add equal amounts of Caesar salad dressing and tomato sauce to the bowl and mix thoroughly.

Put the remaining tomato soup in another bowl and dip one of the muffins in, allowing it to coat completely.

Confit the stir-fried sauce mix with the lemony top of one of the muffins and present on the plate as a delicious accompaniment to the cheesecake. Add the cheesecake to the plate, and decorate the finished dish with piped Caesar salad dressing.

Pour the reserved brine from the lentils into a glass and serve as an accompanying drink.

Chef Kirsty: "She's making cheesecake! Well, it's got cheese and it's got cake..."

Chef Andy: "The tomato muffin is odd, and lemony lentils are weird, but it's not horrible." [tastes the cheesecake and runs immediately to bin] "I was wrong. The stilton took me completely by surprise."

Chef Al: "Unfortunately, she has a soggy bottom."

Chef Kirsty: "The 'avocado', which has a quite intense lentilly texture, is overpowered by the Caesar dressing, yet strangely complemented by the old sports socks smell of the stilton and the accompanying salty lentil purée."

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