Curry Biscuit With Chocolate Vanilla Vinaigrette

Curry Biscuit With Chocolate Vanilla Vinaigrette Nearly Suitable For Vegetarians nearly suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat High high biscuit injury risk Chilli Warning 1 slightly spicy

2005, Chef Al

Curry Biscuit With Chocolate Vanilla Vinaigrette

Ingredients used in Curry Biscuit With Chocolate Vanilla Vinaigrette


  • chocolate chip cookie mix
  • French mustard
  • red wine vinegar
  • soft scoop vanilla ice cream
  • curry sauce
Is it stuck? Chef Al confirms that the Curry Biscuit With Chocolate Vanilla Vinaigrette has not permanently welded itself to the baking tray


Switch on the oven in preparation. Remove the biscuit mix from the packaging and put aside the chocolate chips for later. Pour the curry sauce into a measuring jug. Add French mustard and red wine vinegar to taste and to make up the liquid volume specified in the biscuit mix instructions. As a health and safety measure, you should ALWAYS follow the manufacturer's instructions. Pour the liquids into a glass bowl, add the biscuit mix and combine vigorously. Lightly grease a baking tray with permitted greasing agents. Place the hydrated biscuit mix upon the prepared tray and mould into a flat biscuit. Use you fingers for this as mechanical aids dilute the sensory experience. Turn the oven down to the recommended setting (see Health and Safety considerations above) and insert your loaded baking tray. Be sure to check your watch as timing can be critical. For the vinaigrette, put several scoops of vanilla ice cream in a mixing bowl (it is not recommended to re-use the previous bowl unless thoroughly cleansed in order to prevent flavour cross-contamination) and stir vigorously until a creamy texture is achieved. Stir in the previously set-aside chocolate chips and put to one side. After the specified baking time (or 2 minutes before the end of the permitted time, whichever is the sooner) remove the biscuit from the oven. It should be crispy on the outside with a slightly fondant centre. Add 2 tbsp of red wine vinegar to the dressing and stir vigorously. Spoon the completed dressing onto the warm biscuit and serve immediately. Note that this dish should be prepared freshly and is not suitable for freezing.

Al: "Everyone likes chocolate. Everyone likes curry. Everyone likes ice cream. What's the problem?"

Kath: "As chief taster, my taste buds were traumatised"

Phil: "Truly spectacular"

If you intend to make the vegetarian version of Curry Biscuit With Chocolate Vanilla Vinaigrette, first ensure that the curry sauce you use does not contain meat.

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