Crispy Choco-Noodle Supreme

Crispy Choco-Noodle Supreme Suitable For Vegetarians suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat Moderate moderate biscuit injury risk

2006, Chef Al

Crispy Choco-Noodle Supreme

Ingredients used in Crispy Choco-Noodle Supreme


  • pickled baby beetroot
  • chicken and mushroom pot noodle
  • strawberry yoghurt
  • chocolate mini rolls
  • plain, salt and vinegar, and cheese and onion crisps
  • lemon flavour Lucozade Sport


Pour the Lucozade in a pan and bring to a vigorous boil. Hydrate the pot noodle with the boiling Lucozade, up to the 'fill' line, then put this to one side to cool. Cut the mini rolls into roundels, and scoop a spoonful of yoghurt onto each. Slice the baby beetroot and add a slice to each roundel. Arrange noodle strands atop the roundels. Finally, top each roundel with shards of crisps, being sure to use all three flavours. Arrange the completed roundels on a white plate and serve with a flourish. Voila!

Bruce: "Imaginative use of all of the ingredients. Totally inedible"

Andy: "Compared with other canapes, these were incomparable"

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