21st Century Club Sandwich

21st Century Club Sandwich Not Suitable For Vegetarians not suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat Low low biscuit injury risk

2009, Chef Bruce

21st Century Club Sandwich

Ingredients used in 21st Century Club Sandwich


  • bananas
  • instant custard
  • sliced ham
  • fresh white bread
  • ground coffee
  • Coca-Cola
  • fruit pastille ice lollies
  • fresh cream peach pavlova


Slightly too thick, perhaps? Chefs need to take special care that the coffee custard is made to the correct consistency for spreading

First, make a good pot of strong black coffee. You're going to need it. Once that's on the way put the ham into a pan and shallow-poach it in Coca-Cola. The sweetness of the cola will infuse into the ham as the kitchen fills with the aroma of boiling ham. Let the cola reduce to a fraction of its volume. Slice the bread into four even slices, not too thin, but not too thick - between one and one and a half centimetres wide is about right. Top and tail a banana to the same size as the bread, and slice it lengthwise into three or four even pieces. Arrange these slices on the bottom layer of bread in the sandwich.

The coffee should be done now, so put the custard mix into a bowl or a mug and pour coffee onto it. Don't add too much liquid so that the custard forms a thick paste that can be easily spread. After it's cooled slightly, spread this on top of the banana slices and top with a second slice of bread. Place the ham slice on top of this layer of bread, and drizzle the Coca-Cola reduction on the top. Add another slice of bread and the pavlova.

Take two of the ice lollies and carefully crush them, using an ice crusher if one happens to be available. Take care not to crush the lolly sticks as well - including them could affect the texture of the dish. Sprinkle the crushed lolly pulp onto the pavlova, and top with the final slice of bread. Carefully slice the sandwich diagonally and serve.

Kath: "Very interesting, but somehow lacking in texture. It would have been significantly improved by the addition of some Weetabix"

Andy: "It's not any club that I would wish to be a member of"

Al: "I got a bit of texture there, but it could just have been a lolly stick fragment"

You can make a vegetarian version of 21st Century Club Sandwich by replacing the slice of ham with something less exciting, such as a limp piece of lettuce, or a slice of carpet underlay.

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