Chocolate Lemonburgers in Savoury Coffee Sauce

Chocolate Lemonburgers in Savoury Coffee Sauce Not Suitable For Vegetarians not suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat High high biscuit injury risk

2009, Chef Andy

Chocolate Lemonburgers in Savoury Coffee Sauce

Ingredients used in Chocolate Lemonburgers in Savoury Coffee Sauce


  • lemon cupcakes
  • minced beef
  • golden syrup cake
  • wagon wheels
  • superfast porridge oats
  • minestrone soup mix
  • ground coffee
  • Lucozade


Make up a big pot of hot, strong, coffee. While you're waiting for the coffee, take two of the cupcakes and carefully slice off their lemon tops. Mould each lemon top into a slightly-flattened ball and set them aside for later. Break the bottom parts of the cupcakes into crumbs and put these into a mixing bowl with two cups of minced beef and one of porridge oats. Mix these together, working it with your hands to ensure the ingredients are all evenly mixed. Separate the mixture into two, and work each part into a large pattie around 1cm thick. Put both patties aside for the moment as the coffee should be ready now.

spot the lemon The perfect lemonburger is cooked to be crispy and meaty on the outside with a hot, sweet and runny lemon centre.

Put the minestrone soup mix into a pan and add the coffee. Put this on the heat to allow the soup mix to rehydrate, stirring occasionally, keeping the mixture to the consistency of a light gravy by gradual addition of Lucozade. Turn the heat down and allow this savoury coffee sauce to simmer for ten minutes.

Place one of the lemon balls in the centre of each of the meat patties, and work the meat around them so that they form lemon-centred burgers. Get a shallow pan up to heat and add the burgers, cooking them rapidly to seal the outside before the heat works its way through to melt their lemony centres. While this is all cooking, turn a grill on to get it up to heat, and then get to work making the burger buns. Evenly slice the top off the golden syrup cake and cut into two equal halves. This will form the top of the burgers. Cut a similarly-sized slice from the remaining cake and cut into two equal sized halves for the burger bottoms. Put these on the serving plate.

When the burgers are golden-brown on the outside, and hopefully with hot runny lemony centres, put them on the serving plate on top of the burger buns. Place a wagon wheel on top of each, and immediately transfer this beneath the hot grill. Allow the wagon wheels to melt on the top of the burgers, then quickly take them out of the grill, pop their tops on, pour the hot savoury coffee sauce around them, and serve to your delighted guests.

Andy: "An egg would be useful but coffee will do as a substitute"

Judge Tim: "What really impresses me is how the chef got everything to be exactly the same shade of brown"

Al: "It's the first time I have considered minestrone as a caffeinated beverage"

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