Choco Chip Banana Porridge Redux

Choco Chip Banana Porridge Redux Suitable For Vegetarians suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat High high biscuit injury risk

2015 WINNER, Chef Al

Choco Chip Banana Porridge Redux This recipe was created using the Ready, Steady, Chuck! EXPRESS rules.

Ingredients used in Choco Chip Banana Porridge Redux


Signature ingredient: cheese & onion crisps

  • cheese & onion crisps
  • cream soda
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • Cadbury's Freddo bars
  • ginger ale
  • banana


Preparing the banana and biscuit cream soda reduction

Slice the banana. Reserve half and put the other half in a bowl to marinate in the ginger ale.

Take a chocolate Freddo bar and reduce it to chips. Set these aside for use in the final decoration of the dish later.

Take two of the cocolate chip cookies and break these down intpo a crumb. Put them in a sauteé pan with some cream soda and gently bring to the boil. Once boiling, add the reserved banana. Turn down the heat and stir the micture as it reduces, being extremely careful as the mixture will tend to turn from liquid to solid in a heartbeat.

Place a chocolate chip cookie on a serving plate and coat it with a thick layer of the banana-biscuit reduction. This should hold its shape and may now be sculpted as desired. Add a layer of the marinated banana slices and sprinke the top with Freddo chips.

Finally, garnish with shards of cheese & onion crisps and serve.

Note: This dish was very much seen as a Greatest Hits compilation for Chef Al, hence the name. It revisits the porridge and biscuit elements of Melo-Banana Compote with Savoury Vegetable Parcels and Curry Biscuit with Chocolate Vanilla Vinaigrette while employing the established Ready, Steady, Chuck! technique of reduction at the same time.

Chef Kath: "A pleasant surprise. A lovely rusk on a moist biscuit with various reductions made from other reductions. Best of all, the sweetness of chocolate and banana completely smothers the hideousness of the cheese & onion crisps."

Chef Andrew: "A massive shock. To be honest, I thought you were doomed from the start by your signature ingredient."

Chef Al: "Honestly, it's nothing like as bad as I expected."

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