Choc Ice and Potato Salad Surprise

Choc Ice and Potato Salad Surprise Suitable For Vegetarians suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat Low low biscuit injury risk Miracle Whip Warning DANGER: contains non-food substances!

2005 Special Achievement Award, Chef Andy

Choc Ice and Potato Salad Surprise

Ingredients used in Choc Ice and Potato Salad Surprise


  • bake-at-home white sandwich rolls
  • button mushrooms
  • baby new potatoes
  • Kraft Miracle Whip
  • low calorie apple drink
  • value choc ices
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Bake the bread rolls according to their instructions. Boil the new potatoes in the apple drink until just done, then immerse in cold water to cool, and drain. Cut the potatoes into inch-sized chunks and mix with the button mushrooms. Add Miracle Whip and stir to coat. Slice the bread rolls in half and lightly toast. Arrange the toast slices in the bowl and fill with potato and mushroom salad mix. Roughly crush a choc ice and set in the centre of the dish, and serve.

Andy: "During preparation, it was apparent that there was negligible taste to any of the ingredients in my creation, nor significant difference in colour or texture of its ingredients. I had hoped to offset this with the contrasting temperature of warm potato salad and frozen choc ice. In the event, I was quite unprepared for the extreme blandness of the result"

Andy: (some days later) "I was evidently also quite unprepared for the after-effect of eating this. It has become very apparent to me and others that Miracle Whip should, in future, not be considered a food item"

Phil: "Totally devoid of taste of any kind whatsoever"

Al: "Miracle Whip - prepared by fractional distillation. Allegedly"

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