Chilli Forecast for Chilli Forecast Data 26-01-2021

Chilliometer readings are displayed to the closest 0.5 on the Scrichfort Scale.


No Chilli Warning. Chilli strength Very Low.

Winds of 2-3 mph are likely to occur. Smoke drifts gently.

Conditions are just about spicy enough to be described as slightly spicy. Spiciness is equivalent to 500-1,000 Scoville Heat Units (levels typically occurring within chicken tikka masala or tinned chilli con carne).

Very low levels of chilli heat suggest a just about comfortable, but not particularly exciting day ahead. Spiciness at around the turmeric level indicates some interest, but not a lot, might occur.

Outlook: 0.0-1.5 Very low chilli levels and negligible spiciness in the week ahead. Expect generally bland conditions with very little change until the end of the week when a hint of spiciness may start to be seen.

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