Chewy Chocolate & Bacon Upside-Down Cake

Chewy Chocolate & Bacon Upside-Down Cake Not Suitable For Vegetarians not suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat Low low biscuit injury risk

2012, Chef Andy

Chewy Chocolate & Bacon Upside-Down Cake

Ingredients used in Chewy Chocolate & Bacon Upside-Down Cake


  • bacon lardons
  • chocolate sponge mix
  • mini vegetable samosas
  • Fruittella duo sticks
  • orange juice
  • Grolsch lager
  • a pear


Er...? Somehow something in this picture just does not look right

Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 6/220°C.

Unwrap the Fruittella. This is not as easy as you might think as almost certainly the paper wrapping will be firmly attached, but persist. Discard the wrappers and any shredded bits of paper that remain stubbornly attached. Long nails help. Eventually the Fruittellas will be unwrapped and ready to cook, and hopefully you will still have enough time left. It is easy to tell when the Fruittellas have been successfully unwrapped because they will look much more like vibrant, glossy worms. Especially the pink ones.

Take half the unwrapped Fruittellas and stew them in a pan of orange juice. Do not expect them to melt as this will not happen at conventional temperatures, and try to ignore the smell. As they heat they will become slimy and will infuse the orange juice with their taste. While the Fruittellas are stewing, fry the bacon lardons in a separate pan until golden brown and crispy.

Meanwhile, empty the sponge mix into a mixing bowl and add the Grolsch. Mix this in gently, ensuring that it does not create too much froth. Cut open the samosas and add their contents into the bowl. Grate the pear and add this as well, and mix everything together thoroughly.

Urgh! Chef Kath concedes that Chewy Chocolate & Bacon Upside-Down Cake is not one of her favourite cakes

Remove the crispy bacon lardons from their pan and add them to the cake mix, keeping most of the bacon fat in the pan. Heat the fat, stirring in the burnt bits in the pan. Finally, strain the Fruittella-infused orange juice from the other pan into the fat and mix to form a gravy.

Pour the hot gravy into the cake mix and stir thoroughly. Then, transfer the cake mix from the mixing bowl into an oven-proof dish, and bake in the oven.

While the cake is baking, cut some pear slices and thin Fruittella strips. Cut diamond shapes from the pear and twist the Fruittella strips into attractive shapes.

With a bit of luck, by now the cake should be cooked. Remove it from the oven and turn it upside-down out of its baking dish onto a plate or serving board. As the cake cools, decorate it with the pear diamonds and Fruittella twists. Serve immediately.

Alan: "It looks better than it smells - but that's not a recommendation"

Andy: "It's like baking a cake but in reverse. It is... the cake that should not be"

Marcus: "Chef Andy is becoming an expert in brown"

Kirsty: "I know I said I loved chocolate, but there are always exceptions to the rule"

Kath: "Urrgh!"

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