Cheesy Potato Profiteroles in Cherry-Orange Coulis

Cheesy Potato Profiteroles in Cherry-Orange Coulis Suitable For Vegetarians suitable for vegetarians Biscuit Threat Low low biscuit injury risk

2002 Winner, Chef Bruce

Cheesy Potato Profiteroles in Cherry-Orange Coulis

Ingredients used in Cheesy Potato Profiteroles in Cherry-Orange Coulis


  • orange squash
  • Old English cider
  • Welsh chocolate yoghurt
  • extra strong mature cheddar
  • ready-made mashed potato
  • cherry Tango
Surprise! Chef Phil experiences Cheesy Potato Profiteroles in Cherry-Orange Coulis for the first time


Pour the orange juice and Tango into separate pans, add some of the cider to each, and put both on a high heat to reduce. Keeping an eye on these constantly, cut the cheese into small cubes. By hand, or optionally using a melon baller, shape six spherical "profiteroles" of mashed potato, the centre of each of which is a cheese cube. Set these aside for the moment. Find a suitable serving plate, and create an S-shaped "dam" of mash across its centre. This will be used to keep the coulis into its component halves, and will also create a design reminiscent of the Buddhist Yin-Yang symbol. The coulis should both now have reduced, so set each aside as long as possible to cool, preferably in the fridge. When time is nearly up, pour orange "Yin" coulis on one side of the plate, and cherry "Yang" on the other. Set the potato profiteroles three on each side, and pour chocolate yoghurt lightly over each. Finally garnish the top of each profiterole with a small cube of cheese, and serve, with a glass of cider if there is any left.

Bruce: "I felt I made particularly good use of the ingredients available. After all, this dish could not have been made in the available time with hot mashed potato"

Al: "Bruce has opened my eyes. Before now, I had never thought of mashed potato as dessert"

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