The Ready, Steady, Chuck! Cookery Book Review Page

The celebrity chefs at Ready, Steady, Chuck! Headquarters regularly receive cookery books to review, so it's about time we had a special page to tell everyone what we really think. We're not the kind of people to be satisfied with the reviews you get from chefs, though, especially celebrity ones. So we've defied tradition and arranged for the books to be looked at by a genuinely unbiased and much more brutally honest reviewer: a nine year old girl. She not only has no particular vested interest, also does it for quite reasonable rates of payment in chocolate.

Masterchef at Home


by Some People from the BBC

One of them has nice hair and no glasses and the other one has nice glasses and no hair. But I think they should buy another tablecloth and some more interesting plates. They have white ones, which are lots of different shapes but are still very BORING! But they do have a lot of desserts most of which are colourful. But most of the other stuff is too weird. STOP MAKING WEIRD FOOD!!! I mean sprouts wrapped in pastry (YUCK!) what is all that about?

The Gallery of Regrettable Food


by James Lileks

OK I understand why the title is the gallery of regrettable food because the recipes made me want to puke esspecially creamed lobster in creamy lobster sauce and sometimes cream ontop or at the side!! BLEEUGH!!! I took one look at it and felt sick! BUT one thing that realy needs to change is that there are hardly any titles for the food. HARDLY ANYBODY is going to know what are called so that then they can't decide whether they like the look of it or not!

Also call the book something like revolting food to make you puke because that is what the food is.

The Camping Cookbook


by It Doesn't Say Who

Awsome absolutely awsome for camping that is, well done whoever wrote this book you have an amazing taste in food!!! I can use this when I go camping sometimes and make some of the food for one of the meals of the day there, AM-AZ-ING!!!

Spicy fried eggs sound GOOD I have never tried that but they sound PRETTY SPICY!!! With half a teaspoon of dried chili flakes!!!! That is hot in my taste. Things get hot quickly for me!!! Even though it only serves two people it still sounds quite filling. I am amazed with the dishes that you have made there, brilliant!!!



by Eric Treuille & Anna del Conte

It is OK but I think that it needs to have pasta dishes from different cultures, not just Italian ones. So Eric and Anna on your next book if there is one add that little bit in. But apart from that it is fine.

Jamie's Ministry of Food


by Jamie Oliver

It is a well writen cookery book with well explained recipes and nice pictures. Because they are clear and he has added colour to all of the pictures. My favourite recipe is meatballs and pasta because it has really clear instructions! And in my opinion it is an exellantly made and written book! WELL DONE JAMIE! KEEP ON WRITING RECIPIE BOOKS AS GOOD AS THIS ONE OR BETTER!

But next time comb your hair properly before you have your photo taken for the book cover. You look like an idiot.

Children's Book of Baking


by Sara Lewis

Yummy so yummy, good contents page as well. Allways good to know about safety and hygiene but honestly I know ovens are hot. They can't work if their cold can they. What do you think I am an idiot? And you don't need to tell people what to do with their children!!! They can decide themselves! How else will they get to be good mums and dads then?

Why Not Eat Insects?


by Vincent M Holt

I do not like this book the cover looks like it has been stuck on with blue tack it is home made and most homemade books are rubbish. Also the writing is realy big so he is treating us like idiots and it feels like he is saying that we can not read small writing when most people can read smaller writing. I am not an idiot. He is an idiot. And the recipes are DISGUSTING!!!

The Bread Book


by Sara Lewis

This appears to me to be a book about bread, because it has a lot of bread in it and bread on the cover. But it also has some good meals to have with bread, and all sorts of good and weird kinds of bread ex-ell-on-tay. But you do not need to show pictures for every single step though!!! I can read. I am not an idiot.



by Nigella Lawson

Something says to me that this book has got too many pictures. I like pictures in recipe books but NOT THAT MANY! Its TOO MANY! Because there are about 150 million pictures in there. Even though I realy like this book and use this book a lot with my dad the pictures realy need to change to about 50-100 only. Apart from that its a nice book that you have written I have to say that I realy realy realy like the look of lone linguine with white truffle oil whatever white truffle is. Do more like that. I do not like the look of vietnamese pork noodle soup it looks weird and a bit yuck and I hate the look of MAPLE PECAN BUNDT CAKE it looks REVOLTING!!

Children's Quick And Easy Cookbook


by Angela Wilkes

BRILL it has kitchen rules so basiclley how to be safe in a kitchen with KNIFES AND OTHER UTENCILS! It is a cookery book that I shall be using a lot!!! Especially the knifes bit. So keep up the BRILLIANT WORK Angela!!!!! It is a WORK OF ART IN COOKING BY MY OPINION! The pictures are BRILL. Well done for making it child friendly!!!

But just a quick tip make the food a bit more like children would actually eat please.

The River Cottage Fish Book


by Hugh Fearnsley-Whatsisname and Nick FISHer

Verry fishy, fish this fish that. Shhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too much fish! Even one author is called fish! So I think it would be a much better book with less fish in it. And next time try to comb your hair its all over the place!! BOTH OF YOU and do it before you go on the cover of your books!

Best of British Cheese


by Rebecca King

Well all she does is write blah blah blah cheese blah blah blah cheese SHUT UP REEBECCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop treating me like an idiot!!!!!! She also writes DO THIS DO THAT AND WHEN YOU BUY CHEESE BUY THIS AND THIS BUY THAT. Don't bother to buy this book unless you realy realy like cheese which I don't.

The Best Ever Step-by-Step Kid's First Cookbook


by Nandy McDougall

First of all the contents page is wonderful. It has wonderful recipes such as chilled avacado soup. I have not tried it yet but even though I HATE avacados it lookas AMAZING. The writing is clear as well so it is easy to read which is very important for a cookery book for kids, because there are a lot of kids who are rubbish at reading and also some of them who can't read at all.


The Original Roadkill Cookbook


by B.R."Buck" Peterson

YUCK, YUCK, YUCK horrible is road kill I am not even going to read the book I HATE road kill it is nasty and to cook them is selfish that is the end of this review it is to sad to write about it.