The Ready, Steady, Chuck! Challenge Trophy - The Golden Bowl

The Golden Bowl The Golden Bowl

Awarded to the Ready, Steady, Chuck! Champion at the Ready, Steady, Chuck! Challenge in Bangor, the Golden Bowl is the highest accolade a Ready, Steady, Chuck! Chef aspires to. The unique design of the Golden Bowl symbolises the principal themes of all random fusion food competitions - the artist's struggle with the medium, the concept of ultimate fusion of all ingredients, the sense of urgency experienced by competitors, and the satisfaction of a job well done.

The winners of the Golden Bowl at each year's Challenge are listed on our Competitions Page.

The Ready, Steady, Chuck! Special Achievement Award

The Special Achievement Award is given by mutual consent of all participants to the chef whose creation best expresses the qualities Most Disgusting Ingredient, Most Revolting Combination and/or Most Persistent After-Effect (see below). It has been awarded at each Challenge ever since the Banana Baby Porridge incident of 2002, and, in one exceptional case, was awarded posthumously.

Special Achievement Awards are issued where appropriate for, well, special achievements.

Most Disgusting Ingredient

To achieve the standard necessary for this, an ingredient must exhibit a sense of disgust such that not only does it taste, smell or feel bad, it must imbue those in its immediate vicinity with a sense of aversion, abhorrence or loathing sufficient to raise the bile in their throats. A particularly good example of this is Miracle Whip.

Most Revolting Combination

To achieve this standard, ingredients which may or may not have any particularly disgusting qualities alone must be presented or prepared together in such a way that when in combination, they confer upon those experiencing the dish an unexpected level of discomfort, revulsion, shock or nausea, either through smell, appearance or taste. The combination of fresh grapefruit and cheese and onion crisps is a good example of the sort of thing the judges are looking for here.

Most Persistent After-Effect

Admittedly, this is a more subjective criterion. After-effects are influenced by many factors beyond the control of individual chefs, such as the effects tasting many different Ready, Steady, Chuck! dishes in a relatively short time span, or associated alcohol consumption (which commonly occurs during the Challenge, if only to take the taste away). However, certain dishes have been known to achieve significant long-term influences on participants and due credit is therefore awarded in such cases as appropriate.

Previous Winners of the Special Achievement Award include: