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Welcome to Ready, Steady, Chuck!, the random food game where celebrity chefs compete against the clock to create fantastic dishes in their quest to become Ready, Steady, Chuck! World Champion. Since the first World Challenge in 1999, Ready, Steady, Chuck! has firmly established its credentials as one of the world's greatest and most original independent random fusion food competitions of its kind.

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Today's Chilli Forecast


5,000,000-10,000,000 SHU

Beyond Absurdly Hot. 56-60 mph.

Dish Of The Day

Dish of the Day


Curry Biscuit With Chocolate Vanilla Vinaigrette

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Preparing the banana biscuit cream soda reduction There are some things that for some reason just seem wrong. And the more you think about it, the more you know they are wrong.

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Finding Your Way Around Ready, Steady, Chuck!

Within these web pages you will find all you need to play the game yourself, along with much more, including helpful tips from our celebrity chefs, and, of course, a selection of the exciting new recipes that have been created at previous years' championships.

Please take your time to enjoy our web site by either using the handy menu on the left to find your way around a la carte, or if you like, by our preferred method of random mouse clicking. If you're new to Ready, Steady, Chuck! you might like to take the celebrity chef's recommendation to start with our Introduction to Ready, Steady, Chuck!, as an entree, possibly accompanied by a side order of A Walk Through the 2006 Ready, Steady, Chuck! Challenge. Yes, it might be old, but it's still relevant (and funny).

This is a knife... "I'm sorry, would you mind repeating what you just said about my Bechemel sauce?"

The Ready, Steady, Chuck! web pages have been created entirely for the purpose of your entertainment. We hope you have as much fun discovering Ready, Steady, Chuck! as much as we have creating it.

WARNING! Under certain circumstances Ready, Steady, Chuck! can induce spontaneous, hysterical and uncontrollable laughter. Often in supermarkets. We recommend that you are relaxed and sitting comfortably before browsing these pages, and advise that you not do so at work, especially if you are sitting bored in a quiet office environment surrounded by people who are trying to look much more serious than you are.

And finally, for those who haven't realised yet:

ANOTHER WARNING!: This site contains irony. If you require detailed explanations of why things are funny, we would be grateful if you would request these, including a full written explanation, in an email to Ready, Steady, Chuck! Headquarters. The deafening silence suggests that this warning isn't needed, but please email us anyway. We would love to get an email sometime. Even abuse. And of course, any issues you raise are extremely likely to be publicised to all via this web site in due course, so that everyone else can have a laugh too. And on our Twitter feed so that the other 14 people there can enjoy it too.

The site also seems to contain increasing amounts of innuendo as well, but we don't need to warn anyone about that. It's just unfortunate for you if you don't get it.

Bon appetit!